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  1. JowZ_Speccial.24

    Favorite Radio Station

    PARADISE! or the radio stations were Phill Collins is singin
  2. JowZ_Speccial.24

    Pets in GTA

    I dont thing pets will be populair in GTA4 or make the game much populair but it will be cooler if sharks could eat you
  3. JowZ_Speccial.24

    Grand Theft Auto 4 -- PC Version ?

    It will be cool and very cheap for the PC version
  4. JowZ_Speccial.24

    what do you think?

    No because San Andreas was just for PS2.
  5. JowZ_Speccial.24

    Horror fans

    Hello people nice topic and yes i do like horror movies !!!
  6. Hello people i made an topic about UFO's i just want to see if you believe in them or not or maybe you saw one? Soo please vote and give a reason why you voted. I self believe that UFO's are real because soo many people saw them and they are the fastest flying opject of the whole world.
  7. JowZ_Speccial.24

    Your VCS rating

    10/10 It looks great the grapichs are very nice, mission are better, and the characters looking great!
  8. JowZ_Speccial.24

    Stand Up For Your Country!

    I chose for USA Reason : USA is nice country and its the best place for GTA4
  9. JowZ_Speccial.24

    Show Begin Missions for GTA4

    PrisonBreak Cutscene Your sitting in the Prison for like 2 years then a cop comes and says : ' HeƩ yes you there come over here there is an call for you'. Then you walk whit the cop to the call and you pick it up then sombody says on the phone : ' Today on 02:00 PM '. You go back to your Prison Mate and tell him about it. 4 hours later its now 01:30PM, you and your mate are sitting and waiting then you hear somting on the roof, footstaps.. Somone makes the roof open you see a guy in a black mask he says quick come out here, you and your mate getting out of here and walkin on the roof then he says : ' about 5 mins there will be a Jeep thats waiting for you we must hurry if we are late then it wil be the last time that your cousin will see you, then you ask : ' My cousin?! but but he is dead!? '. Then the jeeps comes you run to the jeep you step into it then you hear the alarm all the cops coming out and you see SWAT cars, the guy whit the mask says here take this AK and shoot them down, you and your mate taking the AK's and shooting on the police and the SWAT 5 mins later they are all down and you guys drive very fast and your going to the Airport and because there is an plane waiting for you. 10 mins later your on the Airport and you guys step in the plane and fly to a new City !! .
  10. JowZ_Speccial.24

    Does it really suck for PS2?

    Hmm it doenst suck i think the grapichs are not soo good
  11. JowZ_Speccial.24

    Best 6 star getaway car

    I think that car what you have by the EmpireBuilding your own Building i mean that small black whit yellow tings on it i dont know the name i cant remember
  12. JowZ_Speccial.24

    Show Begin Missions for GTA4

    Hello people i'm new here and i like this forum verymuch its very nice and i'm glad to join it, soo i made a topic for GTA4 here you can show your ideas for GTA4 like beginning of GTA4 how the cutscene must me look or how the first misson begins soo, and you can also vote if somone made a story