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  1. MeL

    Can't add vehicle components.

    Alright, i'll experiment with these. Thanks! EDIT: Alright, i figured it out. I put the mod back on a car that worked and in vehicle.ide i changed the vehicle name to SultanRS which gave it the same engine noises as the SultanRS.
  2. MeL

    Can't add vehicle components.

    Well i have installed this same mod on other cars before and had all of the car components before and i have been modding this game for quite awhile so i know i have everything included on. This includes handling changes. Also when trying another mod that had multiple attachments on the SultanRS didn't work either and i could only change 1 factor. I guess this points out that the SultanRS only allows 1 vehicle component. If anyone knows a way around this or a way to get the blow-off valve sound on other cars, i would greatly appreciate your help!
  3. So i Originally had a replacement for the Sultan and there was several vehicle components i could add/remove with the trainer and now when i put the same replacement on the SultanRS i am now unable to do so. I can only add/remove 1 component when i know there are 5. My only reason for switching to the Sultan RS was to have the blow-off valve noise so if there is a way to add this to other cars that would help as well.
  4. MeL

    Introduce Yourself..

    Neither did i... But i am now going back to GTA because my consoles have gone to hell on me once again. Added this is the first forum i was ever somewhat active and i hope to be again. (now with less shitty posts... well hopefully)
  5. MeL


    That makes it soo much better now, you don't even know.
  6. MeL


    I enjoy coming back to masturbate to your work.
  7. MeL


    Good to see your still making GFX Toxic!
  8. MeL

    holy crap

    I figured this out like halfway though, i was surprised they never said anything about it when you start the game.
  9. MeL

    GTA san andreas help for modding

    Its alot more than that, just get the PC version its incredibly easy to mod.
  10. MeL

    GTA Theme you loved the most.

    Im not too fond of GTA IV's but id say VC hands down the best.
  11. MeL

    What are you currently playing?

    Well im banned from xbox again.. so i have resumed to CS:S for a while, im also planning on getting GTA-SA for pc soon seeing as how i lost my ps2 version
  12. Happy birthday!

  13. MeL

    Roar again

    That might be one of my favorite VC stunting vids. (Nice music!)
  14. MeL

    try this with ZiT! (360 only)

    LOL, i got "you must be listening to some obscure shit"