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  1. I think r* are gonna go with the motto ' save the best till last '. They wouldnt want to give too much away too quickly.
  2. Most of the stuff has been talked about, but there are a couple of new things. Taking control of Niko is like being immersed in a personal action movie. The radio stations play everything from 80's classics to modern R'n'B numbers. Driving over things such as fire hydrants even hurls small vehicals into the sky. New minigame called 'Rats with Wings' which involves wiping out Liberty City's pigeon population. They kept getting calls from a Michelle, who wanted to 'hook up'. However rockstar told them to leave it as the level wasnt ready yet. They claim that there is over 50 hours of gameplay, and 18-player online battles, even though we have heard it will be 16?
  3. the host gets to decide the number of pedestrians, amount of traffic, police (on or off), Thats what ive been waiting for.
  4. Theres an aircraft carrier in NY, maybe this will be in LC.
  5. Its in the vlad video, where he walks out infront of the taxi.
  6. Yes i know what ignorance means, derrrrrkhead. I was just pointing out that rockstar usually stick to the bland yellow cab, so a different colour may mean peds use pay and sprays. Tbh if you dont like my idea, i am not forcing you to reply on it.
  7. Ignorance? I was just simply pointing out that rockstar usually keeps taxi's yellow in gta, and in every screenshot which has a taxi in it, the taxi is yellow.Im not saying that there arn't black taxi's in new york, but with the new changes in this game, it may be possible that peds can use pay and sprays.
  8. I just noticed in the vlad video, that there is a black taxi. Does this mean, that peds can also use the pay and sprays? What are your thoughts?
  9. Also in the picture with the police in the pale blue uniforms, there is an advertisement for Venturas, however i dont think it means we will be able to travel there.
  10. When I get the game, it will probably be going into my drawer, as my gcses start pretty much 2 weeks afer release, so il probably wont end up playing it till after them. BUt i'l go for a shootout first
  11. The stickers look asif they have been photoshopped in :S. The edges are rough, and the R* sticker produces no shadow on the letter. But that could just be my dodgy eyes.
  12. it`s ment to be like that "don`t you know what bellend means?

  13. Your a bit sad aren't you. Tbh it will just be another day, il probably get it on the weekend in the week it comes out.
  14. As many people have said, rockstar have confirmed they wont bring anyone back. Also, whats with the numerous pointless topics you make?
  15. This was posted on news about half hour ago.
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