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  1. san andreas fanatac

    help whith mission low rider

    it will be easyer if u tell me wat system u have
  2. san andreas fanatac

    Looking for some vehicle mods...

    Hey im looking for mods for the landstalker to make it a sweet lowrider. Any advice will help PEACE
  3. san andreas fanatac

    Land Stalker Mods

    Does anyone know where this mod is there is also a mod for the landstalker to make it a lowrider extreme chevyplease Helphttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3vlFd7PwYnMsorry it didn't show up
  4. san andreas fanatac

    Lowrider Mission

    u press the corrosponding LETTERS. W for up D for right S for down and A for left
  5. san andreas fanatac

    moddin problem

    iv tryed the AMG Hummer H2 DUB Lowrider, AMG Hummer H2 Tuning, Cadillac Cien Shark Dream Tuning, and more and some weapons mods like Double Weild All Weapons, Modern Weapons Volume I, San Andreas Multi Rocket, i have the second version but i downgraded it to v1 with the patch. i follow the instructions carefly and try to follow along but so far every mod i instal never works. i dont know why
  6. san andreas fanatac

    moddin problem

    hey when i download a mod and instal it in my game it never shows up HELP
  7. san andreas fanatac

    moddin problem

    ok so far what ever mod i put in it doesnt work car, weapons watever
  8. san andreas fanatac

    moddin problem

    I do instal it properaly it jus dosent show up in my game like it is invisable no matter wat i do