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    GTA Long Night

    I played this mod but i got it off a CD i bought like in Ukraine or sumthin but i saved in this little guardhouse right by the main enterance to the studio. Check there Well i save between the two red phone booths inside the film studio, just look around...
  2. Mine is Don... last save after i returned to vc.
  3. Arts

    Other Planes

    When i attempt to install any plane into VC, my good friend GTA mod installer says that some file is missing or something... anyway, none works.
  4. Arts

    Favorite Radio Station

    Depends on mood, i mostly listen to V-Rock, i also like Flash but well... They all are good
  5. Arts


    So, i messed up my VC, so i reinstalled it, now... i just can't install any vcm cars, some stupid eroor just pops up. What do i do? can i somehow set it onto new folder?