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  1. Unamed noodle siad this btw: ano ba yan? wala namang magkaintindihan here! Nakakasura nga naman ang mga tao dito minsan survey that they Huck, watch the stupidity of others here, they understand me hahahaha, no, joke lang naman, i just saw that a few were wandering what he siad. (first page)
  2. Iv'e always liked CJ's safehouse in Ganton on GTA SA, Especialy with the cjs new house mod by pheonix1234, Good work mate!, that place would be cool
  3. Ive ran in to some bother that a company already has my planned company name and found out i cant use it even though ive used it for years without copyrighting it, i now have found out a new name but half of the name uses the name i cant use is it ok to use it or is it still copyright of the same company? Example: Name and Co, Name and Co Construction.
  4. Im at SCAT in taunton, england listing to two nuttas behind me getin boners over an oylimpic game But id rather be listning to; Whitesnake-Here I Go Again or Guns N' Roses-Live Or Let Die
  5. Id have to say either a gibson les paul or gibson SG thats why i choose my gibson GBME SG signature series.
  6. I put slash cuz hes a rock god on his gibson, its cuz of him that i want to learn how to play guitar plus hes lead in my favorite band Gn'R!
  7. im trying to create ps3 themes but i need the p3t file of the original theme that is preinstaled when you first start yiur ps3
  8. Im a NAT type 3 so im warned that i might not be able to use the online experience to the best and now i get lots of warnings about my NAT type being to strict does anyone know how to change it to a beter one so i can go back to gta4 online, Thanks.
  9. i have that problem theres probably nothing u can do about it i cant install cars either but its not to bad other mods should work
  10. The one your using seems fine to me, as long as you have permission to use it then sure. I'm guessing this is your 1st forum? You guessed corectly! and i do have permision to use this sig as the sight i got it from has a section to use the sig and askes that it be linked to thier site.
  11. You probably heard it, but theres a beating heart in the statue of happyness you have to fly there and bail over the top ledge and walk through the door with "no hodden content this way" on eithe side. Plus try www.whattheydonotwantyoutoknow.com in [email protected]
  12. tryed that it doesnt like the htmls thats available
  13. it was ok to me and my friends but no matter i changed account details now and found a realy good sig from Lisa The Beuty Queen i hope that one is ok?
  14. I tryed to upload a new avatar as im changing my account and it will not allow me to upload either a gif or PNG format i think theres a problem with the system? it came up with this:"The error returned was: The upload failed. Please contact a member of staff to help rectify the problem"
  15. When u said this do u meen the one ume using now or the one i used to use which i upgraded from? if its the curent one i may change my account competely so might not matter
  16. Ive used a lot of cheats on my ps2 a while back and it corupted a few files on my memory card so my guess is that it could do the same or more damage the best thing to do of corse is to not use cheats or if u have to back up all your files so if things do go to the worst you can restore the affected files.
  17. Ive downloaded a 100% save file so i can explore happiness island but it installs and is on my harddrive but it doesnt show in load game in gta 4 can someone help please?
  18. it was quite small but fun and awsome grafix in the story movies. THE SIMPSONS MOVIE IS GOOD!
  19. it was bound to happen eventualy, no game stays on top in fact i dont think the simpsons game made it there despite the rush from the simpsons movie and all the advertising, anyway what im saying is gta 4 would of got knocked from 1st place but it is a little bit of an insult that a lego game did this!
  20. I saw what u did with my pictures chris Thanks!
  21. its a briliant format! so it take more space but still not so much ull notice it to much and its worth it! how do you know which ones to dellete?
  22. Ive just uploaded new up to date screen shots to my file The Simpsons In Vice City V1.1 and ive now got 8 pictures but theres only suposted to be 4 how do i remove the first four i had! also why isnt a Bitmap format for screen shots not allowed its a great format!?!
  23. Are you after the "Audio" folder cause i got that, but you could be experencing troble with your hard ware i just gave my fiend a copy of VC that was preinstalled on my pc first and his audio doesn't work.
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