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  1. Happy Birthday man! :)

  2. yeah thats because you saved it before the body dissappeared so thats why you see her outside but still is creepy
  3. well if it prostitutes your looking for just drive up next to them in a exotic vehicle that will most of the time get their attention and then drive to where nobody or no other vehicles go....(hint do all the pimping missions then all prostitutes will pay you instead of you paying them).... or if your looking for the girlfriends try looking for more information about them in these forums
  4. ^^ just for fun perhaps?? or unless your a little kid and trying to impress your friends with "naked pixels" or your a hornball and love anything naked lmao
  5. i really couldnt decide on gang so i picked vance gang only because you can take up everything and for vehcle i went the gang rancher it just looks cool and is the perfect ride for the job
  6. agreed!!! i also like it because to me it makes vic seem more powerful
  7. i like drugs smuggling and robbery the other three are to simple for my taste
  8. look likes Triads are winning lol well i have to go with 1.Traids-mafia style all black nothin els matters 2.Vargos-come in huge packs during gang wars 3.Ballas-only for their style and the low rider 4 door car
  9. okay deffently NOT GTA Skatetopia NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! but being able to ride and use a skateboard as a weapon now that is a plus
  10. SnowFlake813

    GTA 5

    a gang culture in the next gta?? i would like that idea but only if they were to make SA Stories other than that i dont think gangs is all about gta i mean to me gta is all about the freedom to things you normally couldnt do in real life without being killed or put in jail for such as random killings stealing vehicles etc......but if the next gta would have gangs then yeah i agree with you about having different kind of people instead of the same 3 gang members and like tomas said the abiliy to ally whom you choose would be nice a fit instead of having every gang in the land afther you
  11. 4D would be a change...but i like the way it is already i'v said this before it comes a time and place bewteen REAL LIFE and GAME LIFE meaning dont make a game so real that it becomes a second life similar to the sims games
  12. "MrLlamaLlama" makes a point why have " rocket clothing " and not actually have the rockets themselfs no offence "Warrior13"...still as "Butters" said i truly believe it would ruin the gta seris but to answer your question "GTA Index" again as already been said depends on the map size and what GTA 5 will be about location storyline etc...hopfully its bigger and better than GTA IV ( that was alot of name quoting )
  13. This has happen to me a few times thought it was funny; like urbanoutlaw said seeing cars stuck and somtimes the police bikes stuck is always fun to see
  14. Catalina.....anything by her is killer....and when you do the bank job with her she'll shoot at the police saying all kinds of crazy ishnish
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