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    Three Word Story

    (h2o u sux at posting honeslty ive never seen a bigger noob on any forum.... 3 words, not 6.. and u double post every where) to throw a
  2. Anthony Valentino

    GTA 1 or 2 On GBA

    id say no because i hav on gameboy advance, only xbox, and pc, n64, and gbc
  3. Anthony Valentino

    favourite island in liberty

    sauton island cuz, u canget he best cars there, and only a few gangs will go after you. also there are boats.... (p.s. how do u get to the light house in portland, and the observatory in shoreside?)
  4. Anthony Valentino

    Multi Theft Auto

    where do u get mta?? i want it, even if u say it sux
  5. Anthony Valentino

    Gangs of Liberty City

    id have to say the Mafia, for the sae reason as elliooo said
  6. Anthony Valentino

    Three Word Story

    willing to live
  7. Anthony Valentino

    Three Word Story

    of thier insane