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  1. Legendary Vegeta

    Will you be getting it?

    I wont get it it looks sucky I will be getting GTALCS
  2. Legendary Vegeta

    The Sig Lab

    Nevermind I'm broke so I can't by one *sigh*
  3. Legendary Vegeta

    The Sig Lab

    I'd like 1
  4. Legendary Vegeta

    A Signature's Shop

    Can you make me one mate
  5. Legendary Vegeta

    The GTA Place Re-Designed!

    Good Guys good job
  6. Legendary Vegeta

    Cj vs Sweet

    Not to be rude but....I think what O_G_LOC just posted was a kind of spam and was uncalled for.
  7. Legendary Vegeta

    Multi Theft Auto

    Do you have to have the PC version of Vice City and GTA 3 to download MTA becuase everyone is talking about getting on and fighting and killin eachother and I was wondering did I need those PC versions to use it.
  8. Legendary Vegeta

    What are you eating/drinking right now?

    J'J's Chicken/Beer
  9. Legendary Vegeta

    Suggestion for Shop

    Awesome suggestion Joey.
  10. Legendary Vegeta

    Cj vs Sweet

    True like in the mission sweets girl you have to save his ass also the last mission where he's hangin on the fire truck you have to get Sweet out of stupid S**t he has done. All becuase he is a lazy ass bum he could'ent even protect their mother from Big Smoke's Fat A**.
  11. Legendary Vegeta

    >>GTA4 Wishlist<<

    I want all of this and more such as: When you are arrested the police put the cuffs on and take you and you have the choice to let them take you or run and get away, and when you eat you actually either sit in your car and eat or sit at a table, also you can eat watch TV play more videos games and have more outfits, and finally beable to live a normal life get jobs and have kids but beable to kill them lol thats what I want to see and hopefully will see in the next GTA.
  12. Legendary Vegeta

    GTA Liberty City Stories

    I hate the title but found pretty cool screenshots tell me if you want them posted .
  13. Legendary Vegeta

    Three Word Story

    A Golden Sniper
  14. Legendary Vegeta

    Cj vs Sweet

    I think CJ but when CJ was gone Sweet did take care of GSF alone.
  15. Legendary Vegeta

    Catalita vs deneice

    I say Catalita, becuase she liked to do crazy things all Denise did were drive-bys