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  1. nothing that affects your stunting skills in a good way lol car and bike mods are ok but none really likes'em
  2. I agree, seems like this topic isn't coming anywhere...
  3. Davve


    Thanks Jake as you said Notyouhaha (?) I'm gonna still say I'm Spiderz thanks.
  4. Davve


    k, I'm sorry.It's just that I had a friend that wanted to be noob again so he could get much attention as new, so he got a new name and identity and everything so I just wanted to tell you that I will still be spiderz so none'll mess about it.
  5. I'd like to change my name in tgtap to Davve because I don't like the name Spiderz anymore. I'm hoping for a breakthrough in stunting with my 3rd solo soon and I don't wonna fake and have it like a 1st when it's a 3rd. I just wanted to say so everyone knows. thanks for listening
  6. yeah atlast the new GLS vid has come, will watch it later, no time now. edit:great video, I totally loved your freeway double grind in SF and ghosts machinegun MTB bumps, he's in a higher lvl then everyone in MTB stunting IMO, all stunts are great, good job 5/5
  7. pretty good you're posting vids here but if I wonna see vids I have my sources, if everyone post every vid they like here the whole forum will be messed up IMO but well...good vid, Dan I guess =)
  8. I voted worst coz this is pretty bad...
  9. I rolled over, I'm not the pro I'm just asking if it has been done before.
  10. k then I'll try get the link.
  11. The file is allready in rapidshare but I didn't know if anyone wanted to dl from it.
  12. Is it ok if I add you on MSN?

  13. k, my youtube doesn't work so just let this topic die, sorry.
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