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    nothing that affects your stunting skills in a good way lol car and bike mods are ok but none really likes'em
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    Editor and Filmer for Hire

    I agree, seems like this topic isn't coming anywhere...
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    Thanks Jake as you said Notyouhaha (?) I'm gonna still say I'm Spiderz thanks.
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    I'd like to change my name in tgtap to Davve because I don't like the name Spiderz anymore. I'm hoping for a breakthrough in stunting with my 3rd solo soon and I don't wonna fake and have it like a 1st when it's a 3rd. I just wanted to say so everyone knows. thanks for listening
  5. Davve


    k, I'm sorry.It's just that I had a friend that wanted to be noob again so he could get much attention as new, so he got a new name and identity and everything so I just wanted to tell you that I will still be spiderz so none'll mess about it.
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    [GLS] Wergild

    yeah atlast the new GLS vid has come, will watch it later, no time now. edit:great video, I totally loved your freeway double grind in SF and ghosts machinegun MTB bumps, he's in a higher lvl then everyone in MTB stunting IMO, all stunts are great, good job 5/5
  7. I hope this will be a little of a break through because I've tried many new ways of editing and I dunno if it's good or bad for you out there, please comment and say if it's good, thanks. Best Quality http://files.filefront.com/SpIdErZ+stunt+s...;/fileinfo.html Bad Quality http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=dmeFWT39DJ0 I recommend best because bad is really....bad! ------------------------------------ I've learned much from vids and stuff on youtube for this one and I hope you'll like it. it's called the new beginning because I've been using Vegas this time and before I was using WMM.
  8. Davve

    This ain't mine but.....

    pretty good you're posting vids here but if I wonna see vids I have my sources, if everyone post every vid they like here the whole forum will be messed up IMO but well...good vid, Dan I guess =)
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    Google is your friend
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    My new guitar

    since this thread is a lil about music and I'm so happy that I need to show this to someone. I bought a new guitar today and I love it, if anyone out there is searching for a good not too expensive guitar, I really recommend this Epiphone G400 Picture http://www.dolphinmusic.co.uk/shop_image/p...dff1685bcda.jpg I love the old school look with the wood, it's mahogny which makes the sound stay long and and stay great (sorry if this is in wrong forum but I didn't know where to post it really....) Spider
  11. I voted worst coz this is pretty bad...
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    Weird Grab

  13. Davve

    Weird Grab

    I just started VC stunting and well...I was having fun grabbing with pizzaboy and suddenly I tried this..well...I dunno if it's really called anything or something but it looks like Tommy's rolling almost 360 degrees or what you call it. check it out! Rapidshare Kind regards Spiderz
  14. Davve

    Weird Grab

    I rolled over, I'm not the pro I'm just asking if it has been done before.
  15. Davve

    Weird Grab

    k then I'll try get the link.
  16. Davve

    Weird Grab

    The file is allready in rapidshare but I didn't know if anyone wanted to dl from it.
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    Weird Grab

    k, my youtube doesn't work so just let this topic die, sorry.
  18. Davve

    Weird Grab

    I will, sorry for the w8ing but I have some probs with youtube atm, it'll come soon I hope, the vid is never processing and I dunno why.
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    My new NRG-500

    Stuntking made me an NRG , he's very proffesional in his work and most of the people that've seen it says it's the best NRG ever, it's all mine and how much you bid for it doesn't mind, it's not for sale. Picture Picture of Bike Please comment in topic if you like it. Regards Spiderz
  20. Davve

    My new NRG-500

    Yeah I just joined but I've known Stuntking before I joined GTAS, you'll find a thread in "introduce me" forum by me if you're on GTAS
  21. Davve

    My new NRG-500

    No offense but that's not recomended you'll be an old man when you're good in it, nah joking. but if you want some kind of skin you can ask some guys at GTAstunting.net.
  22. Davve

    My new NRG-500

    Well, waiting list might be long and you won't get a same as I did and the chance he makes it isn't very big sorry and mine is for stunting
  23. http://www.thegtaplace.com/image.php?img=g...hots/wanted.jpg http://www.thegtaplace.com/image.php?img=g...sh_hour_run.jpg The first one, look at the grill, it looks like the Mitsubishi logo and the second picture might be an alfa romeo or something, I dunno if I'm wrong but I just thought it was interesting.
  24. why should I be quiet nate?

  25. Davve

    Real cars in IV?

    http://www.thegtaplace.com/image.php?img=g...enshots/068.jpg http://images.intellichoice.com/images/Aut...nda_civic_s.jpg the car behind him is similar to the new Honda Civic isn't it?