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  1. Never seen a real one, but one of my favorite French cars in Gran Turismo 4. Just the ride for my trips to Paris (in game). yeah that's a nice car, but that's sure you won't ever see one in the USA... Too bad...
  2. Look a those ones : New Picture New Picture
  3. What do you mean? I thought you were speaking with complicated words so as to I don't understand... But I can be wrong...
  4. I'm waiting for the new one in France, the Town & Country ! It looks nice !
  5. I live in Nancy, a town in the east of France. It's a very beautiful town, even if I prefer Americans Cities I've seen, such as San Francisco or las vegas... It's just different.
  6. I've been searching, but I didn't found any topic about the palce we live in... So I create this topic. As far as i'm concerned, I live in Nancy, a town in the east of France.
  7. El Patron


    There are too many bubbles in Sprite IMO, and I'm not very found of its tast...
  8. Lol, your french isn't "merde", but you should have said : "Malheuresement, mon français est nul (or merdique if you wanna be ruler), mais j'espère que tu me comprends !" Anyway, it doesn't matter... Don't hesitate to correct me if necessary !
  9. Very nice box art imo, it looks like San Andreas's one, and that's pretty cool ! Good job Rockstar !
  10. Ok, my cars are French ones, so you probably don't know them : Peugeot 206 RC Renault Espace And this is the car I rent when I was in the USA, this summer : Dodge Caravan, I guess you know it...
  11. You speak like that on purpose ? Lol, I understood everything, and thank you for your welcome !
  12. El Patron


    As far as I'm concerned, I prefer Pepsi. It tastes better. But In france, and more particullarly in bretagne, we've got the Breizh Cola, which is very very good...
  13. Hi there ! I'm El Patron, and I'm French. I'm a webmaster of a network about GTA. (I guess I can't write the URL... ) I registered here in order to improve my English. I love GTA, I'm a PS3 player, I'm 16, I've already been in the USA, and I hope I'll enjoy being on your forum ! And please, correct me if necessary... Bye !
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