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  1. that royaly pisses me off when people take the easy way out and blame a game ( or in this case the advertising for a game such as gta) for shootings rather than own up to the fact that they dont know how to control their kids and allowed them to grow up in a gang. i know when i have kids eventually that if i saw them hanging around with those people then i'd grab him and move somewhere else or move him to a different school away from that kind of situation. the parents must know they own guns and do drugs n stuff so its their own fault on that. and its not what kids see its the kids backgrounds and mental state, if a kid shoots a guy on gta that doesnt mean they'd ever kill someone in real life.. it takes a truly messed up person to try to repeat something they saw in a game. but in saying that movies nowadays are 10000x worse than gta ever was!.. movies like hostel, saw .. which are just disgusting and not watchable but they bring in revenew , enough to make several sequals. why dont they ban that movie? or try tone it down? theres violence in almost all movies on the market and what do you do? if you dont want your kids seeing it then dont buy them the ticket, dont buy them the game. its 18 for a reason, adults who buy it are more responsible because at the end of the day the game is made for adults not children, if parents complain about their kids seeing that then they shouldnt buy the game or try to stop the game coming out. im not saying that peope under 18 shouldnt play gta.. i've been playing it since i was like 13 or something and i'm fine.. the fact i still hate watching hostel or saw or those kinda groosome movies proves that. games can easily put into the spotlight because some retarded kids that have shot someone blamed it on them, but its much more than games its more than people realise. its easy to have a baby but its hard to be a parent. death and violence is more dominant in run down areas for a reason, get off your lazy goddam fat ass and get a job so you can move out of the shit whole and stop blaming it on games ruining it for everyone else. its already being censored in australia and ( was it new zealand? ) if they censor it for uk or america because of that then i will be pissed off
  2. i honestly dont expect it to, but will be sweet if it does. but like i'll said i'll let you know what happens with it
  3. my delivery estimate is on the 24th , i'm on the very first batch from amazon that i pre-ordered like 10 months ago. shipping estimate is the 23rd and delivery is the 24th. so i ( hopefully ) only have 6 days.. soon to be 5 days to wait for it to be in me hands.. if i get it i'll let you lot know and take some pictures with me mobile. edit: if they are being shipped now.. to retailers then it could actually happen for 24th.
  4. i know, but thats what i mean bossman. i probably wont ever check on the leaderboard because its not something that really interests me, im a casual player so i just play when im bored, or if its raining ( live in scotland so thats most of the time ) or if i have nothing better to do.. i dont want to know that i'm in 190,000th place in the world leaderboard or something. but the only thing that interests me really is the music side that you can save a name of a music file which is why i asked if it was like a paying thing or if you could just download it straight to your harddrive from the website itself for free.
  5. i was thinking the same thing, but i might just wait for the official gta 4 theme.. because just seeing pictures.. if thats what it is , isnt very exciting . no offence
  6. im #51494, i had to go to uni so im a pretty high number lol. stupid firefox wouldnt let me scrool up or down so i think i hit the unsubcribe botton! lol to be honest though i doubt i'll ever go on that website! .. maybe only if i download the songs. do you have to pay for the songs? like in itunes kinda idea?
  7. ....lol ( i realised how to add these things so im using them from now on ) its cool because i'd just be playing the guitar then i'd hear that music in the advert start and its like, holy shit!.. i probably wont see it again for another year was just lucky to of seen it twice. who else is jealous and to be honest, on a lcd tv it didnt look... amazing.. but yeah still cool advert edit: could of just been the resolution that the broadcaster was broadcasting at because it was Dave ( freeview channel 19 ) and the picture quality on that isnt normaly as good as the others.. unless its topgear.
  8. just saw the advert on the tv..twice now!! woo ... is sony going to make one? or just microsoft?
  9. rubbish looking textures in that picture.. very.. san andreas like. and the HUD is rubbish. wheres the clock? wheres the cartoon style guns ? i know they are going for minimalistic if thats how you spell it. but still, for a game thats meant to blow people away.. the HUD sure as hell undermines the whole thing. but yeah, no one thats plays it has complained.. it got 10/10 .. so im sure it will be good.. BESIDES who here aaaaaaaactually looks at it? when your changing guns yes, or when your looking at the map .. but when the health and armour are next to the map and the fact you can tell which gun nikos holding by looking at it.. then really thats all you ever need.. and the map in old gta was more than enough. so i'm not 100% bothered realy. hey off topic thing , but who here has a pre-order date thats before the release date? i have a pre-order for amazon, i'm apart of the very first batch as i pre-ordered like 10 months ago almost.. and my DELIVERY estimate is on the 24th! .. shipped on the 23rd. and other people seem to have around the 25th that are on the same batch.. or the 2nd batch.. where as others on the most recent batches are more like the 1st or 2nd. if you've pre-ordered whats yours?
  10. I found the same konfu thing in SAN ANDREAS if you dont belive you can check out my vid on youtube. its near the park in los santos . reply my message if you are interested ....i think i saw that too! but i get bored easily so i probably blew them up lol, its like a subconcious reaction in gta. if i see a group of people i through a granade/rocketlauncher/molitov/or something that'll make the bodies fly away or i just run over them because lets face it thats always fun. GRAND THEFT SAXAPHONE, genious original gta master! lol i hope we can use it as a weapon , same with the bucket! i mean if you shoot him surely he drops the bucket so you could pick it up n wack someone with it.. or! jump in the ponds of water to fill it up again and soak someone! did anyone else notice the earphone cables on the people doing the kong fu thing, is it jujitsu? hmm. oh and i forgot to mention, who else watched the videos ^^^^^^ up there the most recent ones, and saw that when they shoot the hands move! they arent glued onto the gun like they used to be but move up and down the gun as it shoots! theres so much attention to detail its crazy! im telling you no other game has that, this game really is going to set the bar for any other game developers because i dont think anything in this year or next could beat it for detail, size of the city, physics, and gameplay. they might beat the graphics but i honestly think the graphics are awesome.. it looks completely different from san andreas , it looks almost naturally 3D if you get what i mean, its hard to describe but it just looks right.
  11. OH MY GOD, the picture with the saxaphone! i wonder if you can listen to them, also looking behind the guy theres a park keeper emptying a bucket!. and the people doing the konfu thing .. i'm totally going to central park!! i cant wait for this game
  12. i... like others have exams too. although mine are for uni so a tad more important, so i'll get it and play it for an hour a day max. but that might just spoil it .. 2 months from now my exams end, can i wait that long? probably not . rather that though than have to resit them all in august!! no summer holiday? yeah fucking blooming right!! be playing this all summer who cares about a tan, i'm in scotland, getting chocolate on you counts for a tan over here. TM(small tm) you are lucky!! enjoy playing it after your interview:) kinda celebrational type thing! and good luck with it!
  13. my internet speed is pretty good. but, from what i've seen so far in previous gta games like san andreas. there wasnt a split screen in that was there? i mean there were those stupid symbols you ran over whichactivated the multiplayer but it was still the same screen further out and two players on it, maybe gta 4 will be the same? although its near impossible to aim properly and you could only go a limited distance from each other which was rubbish. i wont generally use multiplayer offline, but it would be good to have the option there at least. lets hope! only 19 days.
  14. Link to article and full review, here: http://www.gamerevolver.com/article-113-CG...eview-here.html wow good read!. i always thought the xbox was more.. colourful. the games do look brilliant. but the lighting textures or annimation on the ps3 for ingame play is just unbeatable. and it is a much more powerful system which would obviously relate to why the xbox couldnt handle it , or why the xbox dropped frame rate, or why there were a lower head count than the ps3. but that could all be pre-production. that might of all changed. but perhaps the xbox just dropped in quality a little too much for them to of passed a split screen and so they had to remove it from the ps3?? i'm glad i own a ps3, although he is right in saying that the tapping feature for running will cause wear n tear on the controller because mines squeks occasionally, im still waiting for the new rumblepak controller to be released by sony.
  15. you know, its true. im a ps3 owner, gta has always been a ps2 game and i always loved that. just like you xbox guys have the halo game. now i dont want to start a console war. but there really isnt much going for the xbox, its more expensive now with all the add ons and so on and the only upside is the downloadable content, which they say is new missions? well i havent completed san andreas. i got far enough to unlock all the islands and then i stopped. at that point i just use cheats to get the hydra or tanks or all the guns and just kill people and get chased by the cops. i dont care about the missions.and if this city is meant to be unlocked from the start then i probably wont even do 1/4 of the missions!. and i'll probably only ever be online after messing around in the city. and its also true that.. i didnt buy my ps3 until a month ago, and i WAS waiting for this game but i got impatient and wanted to play games lol. but i recon hundreds if not millions of other people will be buying their console over the next 2 weeks awaiting this game. anyway, xbox is good for a lot of games . but personally i prefer the ps3, both the controller layout because i get lost when i play xbox games. both have pluses and minuses, especially since the fact sony are retarded when it comes to updates. but as for the game. i think this will be a much better game for the ps3 and not the xbox regardless of the updates. cant wait for the game!!! although, i hope if EA does take over take 2 then they dont ruin the name for gta 5. having those big $4000 suit buisness men driving the game ? hmm no thanks. i hope take 2 dont forget their ruits. i hope that EA if they take over means a bigger budget to make a much better game for gta 5. but you know what its like when those companies take over. and personally. take 2 have done amazingly well with rockstar in developing games. i hope they dont decide to change the mechanics of the game and try tweek it to make it their own style of game. when gta is already perfect.
  16. nice read!.. there was new information! like the guy smoking pot in the car that niko was driving around,when niko smashed the window to shoot people.. the smoke that had gathered in the car from teh guy smoking starting coming out. the fact that if you shoot a rocket launcher, not only wil it skip off the ground ( which we knew already) but it will spiral out of control spinning so everyone has to duck for cover. theres a slow mo mode when your driving, which i've never seen before!!!. where by you can activate it so you can get through small gaps between cars better during a chase or whatever. oh and the taxi driver thats driving you around shouting abuse at other cars on the road is new as well isnt it? anyway good read, shorter than i thought it was going to be though.
  17. "HEY SOTP THE PLANE PLEASE!"... HAHAHAHAH i burst out laughing at that. brilliant. haha also when the helicopter shoots the boat , that was awesome because it like you could see .. i dont know but it was cool!
  18. my god thats cool. his shoes even has a pattern on the bottom!!! i mean how often would you ever look there!!!
  19. well, i am scottish, live in paisley which is about 20 minutes from edinburgh on a good day... and i personally love braveheart, i think its a brilliant movie. sure its not accurate , but what movie is nowadays? they have to make it more cinematic otherwise its just boring. also, game i think is a british store that you can get in england? maybe i dont know. but its a brilliant store!.. like you can buy a game test it ( or complete it ) within 20something days and then return it ( say you dont like it) and swap it for another game ( complete it within 20 something days ) then return it and say you dont like it and swap it for another game... and so on and so on.. they are really stupid lol . good prices in the store too!!! i like edinburgh but its wayyy too expensive for me, edinburgh castle is beautiful but boring, if any of you foreigners go there .. i'd probably recomend not to do the tour because all they do is talk about ghost stories and its like.. yeah yeah shut up .. unless you got a ghost juggling n doing the robot then i'm not interested. good article though, was funny. . . although i personally like rush hour 3 too .
  20. .. you can use moving cars as cover during gun fights too?.. awesome!! cant wait to get my hands on this game. 28 days to go. . . thank god i'm not in london in a hospital gown, sarounded by mutilated bodies and a gender confused black woman.
  21. okay so i read the whole thing ( i was bored ) you dont really notice anything majorly new. most of the answers tend to be fairly repetitive. in fact i'm sure some answeres were almost phrase by phrase only placed in different orders. but there are some aspects of it that just imerse yourself, in the sense that you see the effort put in .. or you'll notice things about side missions.. like um something about a character in a mission that will just start wandering around the city.. and you may or may not bump into him at a later point and if you decide to talk to him or if you dont , may or may not have consequences later on in missions. you know things like that seem to bring up a more realistic aproach to the city. there was something that might annoy me though, the side missions. he said that in new york there are characters with highly strung personality traits , you'll be walking down a street n someone will go " do you like hip-hop? wanna buy my cds?" or something . and so in liberty city it will be the same, but instead if someone says something like that to you then it could trigger a mission for you to do. but you sit and think.. i might be chasing someone or doing something i wanna do i dont want to have some side mission getting in the way or whatever. but also things like, if you fail a mission and go to do it again then the cinematic scene would be different ( even though its the same mission ) like the wordings and what the character says would be different. also he said that if you were to play all the cut scenes back to back it would be twice the length of a movie ( so i'm guessing 3 hours ), and that you do have choices in games to do things or to take other paths ( within reason ) because they cant put "10,000 different paths in the game" thats just a summary, but thats pretty much whats said and the rest is mainly repeated. there are things about detail in the city but nothing major. the next one to be released on monday should be better. EDIT: there was something about character AI. where by the guy said he was driving a car in the game , and then a woman t-boned him. she then got out and started to shout at niko, then the guy niko was in the car with got out and just shot the woman. it shows that some characters match AI match their personalities in the cut scenes. also if one character is laid back and gets drunk then he/she could become an aggressive drunk and so on. so it shows more realism in that sense. lets you get to know the characters better
  22. not that i would interest me as i play ps3. but i looked at the guys comment page and this is what i saw Negative feedback rating d'ont trust this ebayer i never got my cap <---more attention to that part...... djschame24 ( 168 [Feedback score is 100 to 499] ) there were another one similar.. and for someone who ISNT powerseller on ebay only sold 82 items, i wouldnt trust him . ALTHOUGH!!!... if you use PAYPAL , you would get your money back should it not arrive at your door. SO WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO LOOSE???
  23. holy mother fucking jesus christ .. mother fucking. that was amazing. from the helicopter at the start, to the chase physics, to the police in the subway.. and more importantly what niko gets thrown away by that car.. WHICH WAS AWESOME!!!... my got that was SERIOUSLY the best trailer yet!!!!!... and .. you can really see now that EVERYTHING has been polished up and tuned.. the game looks INCREDIBLE now .. my god i HAVE TO HAVE THIS GAME!!!. im gonna fail my uni exams because of this game lol.
  24. 10pm GMT is greenwich mean time which is a place in england. new york is 5 hours behind the uk. same with most of the eastern side of america. so it will be released at 5pm new york timezone .. australia is 9 hours ahead of the uk. so will be at 7am on friday.
  25. okay so wait....^^^... i thought we werent going to be using bags to store guns or whatever? i thought they would just apear like magic as they used to?.. ive seen all those screens too .. im still thinking the third picture is a fake. but i guess this proves it wasnt.. in which case it looks rubbish lol. n so does the 2nd one sorta but yeah.. first one looks great, kind of reminds me of kayne n lynch game like with the duffel bag n what not.
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