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  1. Hey, I just started a new game, trying to complete everything. I just hate that bicycle missions, could you do the one in Los Santos please? I mean the one in that skate park. Thanks in advance! http://gtasnp.com/9490
  2. Got the answer: Yes! Very easy: Downgrade your game with that 2 -> 1 patch, than patch it to 1.01, and ready to rock!
  3. If you download that official 1.01 patch, that one that just removes Hot Coffee, can you still mod? 'Cuz that 2 -> 1 downgrader doesnt work fine for me, so I was seeking a new way for mods.
  4. Cool, next thing to do is actually LEARN how to mod:D
  5. I downloaded the downgrader, and it works fine, can start a new game and stuff. But if I save the v1 game, I cant load it? I tried also 100% v1 savegames, but I cant load anything. When I reinstall SA, it works fine again, except I got v2 again....
  6. Where can I find that? EDIT: Ahh, got it. Screens look nice, lets try.
  7. MrLlamaLlama, when you try to complete it the first time, it can be quite hard. I will complete it without cheats, once, yeah. Frontier & Rockstarrem, thanks for your replies! Downloading the trainer. EDIT: Thanks! Exactly what I need. EDIT2: Hmm, it can be me, but for me the most of the things in that trainer aren't working...
  8. Haha, cool! I like the grinding very much, but it ruins your bike, oh yeah.
  9. I know there is a cheat, but that doesnt repair your car... And that is also quite important for some missions.
  10. Hey, I dont know if its difficult or not, but I request a mod of the HESOYAM cheat. What this cheat is doing, it gives you full armour and health, and $250.000. That last one, the $250.000, is what I dont want. Money cheats aren't fun, but the armour and health are damn usefull. So, what I request, a mod of this cheat, that it just gives you full health and armour, but NO money. I dont know how this is done, but I will offer my savegame up for this. If someone can do this, I'll be VERY thankfull to that person. Thanks in advance, Mr_Smit
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