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  1. it's a good idea, where is Rainwood based on?
  2. well noticed, It's because he was originally 22 but then I thought it would be better if he was 26 but forgot to change that date of birth thing. Anyway thanks for telling me and ive now changed it.
  3. When you specifically say "SEATTLE" and the topic is titled "GTA 4 Seattle", we would immediately think you mean "SEATTLE", not the entire state of Washington. How about China? I'd love to PCJ the Great Wall of China. I've never heard of Liverpool, what's your point? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Liverpool is where the Beattles are from. It won the capital of culture award for the whole of europe and Liverpool football club are European champions.
  4. I didn't understand it either. Why make the wings smaller so it flies worse? you fly it into a building in a terrorist fashion, but it's ok to put it in as long as it flies shit and has smaler wings, WTF!
  5. I also like kent paul but i think he would be bad for a lead character as he can be a bit of a pussy. Aa for my choice I would have to say Cesar, he would be perfect for one. Also I think they could have used Mick luigi's bodygaurd for the lead role instead of Cipriani because he's less established, so he would be more suited to the classic GTA structure of start at the bottom finish at the top.
  6. Id prefer to have Mexico City than Hawaii. Also it would be better if it was set further away from SA maybe present day.
  7. Ive noticed alot of people are hoping for a speed gage, But I think that if they do a speed gage chances are that they will make a speed limit in areas so you will get alot of unwanted stars.
  8. london isnt too small, look at the getaway its based on london and its a great and addiquatly sized game. Also none of the games are exact replicas of the cities they all had bits added so theres no problem to compensate for things if they base it on london.
  9. it just makes it easier as you can save and store cars quicker because there nearer. Plus you don't have to buy the propertys if u don't want to as u want it to be more realistic.
  10. VC early 80's, SA early 90's, GTA 3 late 90's. So they can either make the game befaore vice city e.g. 70's which could be crap because there would be know mobile phone, Late 80's or early 2000's. Out of these options I think it would be best to have a modern day one although im sure R* would make a good game in either time period.
  11. They're so intertwined I think that they atleast new roughly what was going to happen in the follow ups to gta3.
  12. I think it would be better to do one based on a city in england or japan because they have a very varied terrain and wheather. Also they are small so it would be easier to do a map based on the actual place. However I don't think they should use any cities which know one has heard of so stick to big, famous cities like London perhaps Liverpool.
  13. Tommy Vercetti Guy said 'Darkel was a bum-terrorist in GTA3 that lived in the tunnel near 8-Ball's in Portland. In one of the missions for him, you were suppose to fly the Full-Winged dodo into the love media building, but this was a recreation of the 9/11 attacks. Thus, R* removed Darkel and the full-winged Dodo so no one can recreate the 9/11 attacks.'
  14. pritty much the same reason he took out kenji because his only alligence was to money.
  15. Do you think having plastic surgery in gta is going too far? By which I mean you can go into somewhere in a similar way to the hairdresers and choose facial features .
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