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  1. I R BACK! Anyways, I have another sig for you all !
  2. I put it down sometimes to be honest, but holding doors, I don't do it to just ANYONE . Btw, male and female toilets............?
  3. That's the funny bit;) You sound like Chris Formage answering Lazlow's questions.
  4. Great tut Eazy Yes the font is Bank Gothic MD BT, also the font Rockstar uses oh so often on their website and games
  5. It's pure core GTA gameplay, except Rockstar somehow make it feel new again. These guys are geniuses, BUY THIS GAME!
  6. azn

    If they interest me I'll come back..maybe :P

  7. azn

    What am i missing out on :o

  8. azn

    When I get bored I'll go inactive again..

  9. Yeah. But see I use rnbxclusive for my music, which provides direct linking to music files so technically it's in a different league.
  10. azn

    Why hello noodle, long time no talk :D

  11. Honestly, MediaFire is a LOT better in my opinion.
  12. Became active shortly after I registered Also, he is lost somewhere on my msn list
  13. AND I'M PROUD!! You're from the Philippines
  14. Honestly, Pattinson looks messed up in that pic, literally. And the Twilight pictures were clearly Photoshopped or edited in some way.. Personally I don't think it's right to categorize women into what they want, it's just the crazes going on with Pattinson, Lil Wayne, whatever right now that's driving some females crazy. But the High School Musical guy...LMFAO I lol'ed hard when I saw the picture...
  15. Ja Rule - Clap Back Ja Rule - New York Ja Rule - Wonderful Ray J - One Wish Ja Rule - Uh Ohhh!! And Biggie Smalls - Hypnotize (Youtube bans the video, retards )
  16. I blocked him straight after. What he calls "hacking" is downloading pirated software and failed attempts at phishing someones messenger account. Failage.
  17. Hey do you use Photoshop? If so..could I get the PSD for the Bugatti sig? Thanks
  18. The most he could probably do is try and send a Keylogger.. "Yoooo accept this zip file with PICTURES of me I want you to RATEEEE them" Fail.
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