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  1. yes but you have to put your psp on infrastruture mode to play on WI-FI
  2. THERE WILL BE NO FLIGHT! also what you call "internet play over WI-FI" is usually called WI-FI play or infrastructur multi-player
  3. and you seem to have already posted that btw..... that should have been posted in the gta4 wishlist
  4. well even if i must keep dreaming i hope that there are stealth based missions like in SA
  5. if there is multi-player i want it to be split-screen because staying in the same area with the other person sort of pissed me off
  6. i would like a sig with an absurd screenshot from SA
  7. i get on a regular bicycle then go to a highway where nobody stops for you if you are in the way then i go on full speed on the wrong side of the highway without performing a bunny hop and see how far i can go by dodging cars
  8. yeah that was one of the few minor problems that irritated me in SA
  9. then maybe you could get hurt really bad in a mission and someone kidnaps you and hauls you to vice city then you try to escape and go into stealth mode..................... just a thought
  10. maybe but snow is visible when it hits the ground( or should be) so maybe R* might not want to take the time messing with it
  11. if the clothes changing system is like SA then i hope it wont take so long to see how the clothes look on tony. know what i mean?
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