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  1. yes but you have to put your psp on infrastruture mode to play on WI-FI
  2. THERE WILL BE NO FLIGHT! also what you call "internet play over WI-FI" is usually called WI-FI play or infrastructur multi-player
  3. and you seem to have already posted that btw..... that should have been posted in the gta4 wishlist
  4. well even if i must keep dreaming i hope that there are stealth based missions like in SA
  5. if there is multi-player i want it to be split-screen because staying in the same area with the other person sort of pissed me off
  6. i would like a sig with an absurd screenshot from SA
  7. i get on a regular bicycle then go to a highway where nobody stops for you if you are in the way then i go on full speed on the wrong side of the highway without performing a bunny hop and see how far i can go by dodging cars
  8. yeah that was one of the few minor problems that irritated me in SA
  9. then maybe you could get hurt really bad in a mission and someone kidnaps you and hauls you to vice city then you try to escape and go into stealth mode..................... just a thought
  10. maybe but snow is visible when it hits the ground( or should be) so maybe R* might not want to take the time messing with it
  11. if the clothes changing system is like SA then i hope it wont take so long to see how the clothes look on tony. know what i mean?
  12. yeah but usually by the 5th time peple memorize freddy's moves so that they can at least follow him until he gets off of his bike
  13. im sorry for making it SEEM that way then, i am just debating im just saying that LCS may not be that great i pre-ordered and payed for LCS(so im definitely a fan) but im sorry for thinking that the psp may not be able to handle it my bad lets ingore the last couple of pages and go on with the wishlist
  14. i am not "high stepping", i am simply debating and stating my opinion i never said that i was better than you all
  15. wait maybe you should be able to dual different pistols and uzis that way you can have the accuracy of a MP-5 and the rate of fire of an ingram mac-10
  16. my comparison had a lot to do with this considering that most of you refuse to believe that the psp and gtalcs may not be perfect and no that is not all that matters because the small disk space may force gtalcs to be around 9 hours long im not saying it will be but it might
  17. wow that was long. i think that burning down a forest is a bad idea, what would happen if on a mision in the badlands you had to go up against snipers there would be no cover. However burning down houses would be sort of cool as long as they get rebuilt jet skis, definitely scooters, stupid, R* went low enough with the bicycle anything lower by my standards is just assinine
  18. try to think of something that might actually happen, chopper, instead of typing any worthless thought that comes into your mind i think that R* will either make it in liberty city again or make a name that is based on chicago kinda like los santos was based on los angeles
  19. as you can see in"am i tottaly screwed?" i am having trouble but someone closed the discussion so chris or pyroxide please help me
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