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  1. Paranoid: High Schizoid: Moderate Schizotypal: Moderate Antisocial: High Borderline: Low Histrionic: Moderate Narcissistic: Very High Avoidant: Low Dependent: Low Obsessive-Compulsive: Low Well I guess I KINDA knew this already...seeing as how I'm the best!! (<---Narcisstic joke FTW)
  2. To me, the Pizza with mini pizzas on it and that 15ft long hot dog with bacon, jalapeno, etc on it look SOMEWHAT good
  3. Metalingus-Alter Bridge(The real version,not the EDGE version)
  4. Your Personal Day of Death is... Wednesday, March 26, 2092 Seconds left to live... 2,624,580,517...and counting YEAH 83 MORE YEARS OF LIVIN'!!
  5. What does next year have in store for me? The Kings On your knees dog! What's my love life like? Hart Attack Bull**** What do i say when life gets hard? Loaded WTF!? What do i think about when i get up in the morning? Rollin' Cause I'll be Rollin with my homies What song will i dance to at my wedding? Rockhouse Rockin the House down! What do you want as a career? Sexy Boy Need I say more...? Your favourite saying? The Game Eh... Favourite place? The Darkest Side YAY for the DARK SIDE!We have cookies! Describe your sexlife: Wreck Awww... What do you think of your parents? No More Words ... What's your Pornstar name? Break Down the Walls Some walls.... Where would you go on a first date? Booyaka 619 San Diego?COOL!! Drug of choice? Burned Wow... Describe yourself: Here Comes the Money Yeah,im fuckin rich! What is the thing i like doing most? Your Gonna Pay I collect cash from other people? What song best describes my school principle? SOS Yes,save us from him,please.PLEASE!! What is my state of mind like at the moment? I Hear Voices Well I do... How will i die? Break it Down Break what down?....I'm scared
  6. Yo momma so fat,she tripped on New York City and crushed Los Angeles better get a plate,cuz you just got SERVED!
  7. You Are 98% Evil You're the most evil person you know. The devil is even a little scared of you! ph34r me bizatches!! I WILL RULE THE WORLD!!!!!!!* dramatic music *
  8. Heres one i made up by myself! Yo momma so hairy,you need a map to get through her!! Another one! Yo momma so hairy,the only language she knows is "Wookie" (star wars fans will get this one!) Yo momma so fat,Fat Bastard(from austin powers) said DAAAAAAAMN!!! (another star wars joke) Yo momma so stupid she thought Jar-Jar came with pickles-pickles! Yo momma so fat,the earth doesnt orbit the sun....IT ORBITS HER!!!!!! (another star wars joke) Yo momma so fat,Obi-Wan kenobi said "Thats no moon,Thats YO MOMMA!!"
  9. my old TGTAP name(When it was still GTA Evolution forums)as Gtadude221 My sig (the thing in the top left corner below the name?or is it the avatar...?anyway)was a Radioactive sign because im,quite frankly, very dangerous to mess around with. Gtadude221 because i like GTA and "dude" is really self explanitory.221 is just some random numbers My current name(Advillia)was made some time ago,I was playing WoW for the first time and i had to make a name... I saw aa box of advil and it just stuck on. My sig and avvy are of Half lie opposing force and half life 2 because im a big HL fan
  10. PC Star Wars Empire at War Star Wars Empire at War Forces of Corruption Supreme Commander Supreme Commander Forged Alliance================E> My Favorite game this is Age of Empires III Age of Empires III:The Warchiefs Age of Empires III:The Asian Dynasties Quake III Quake III Team Arena Half-Life 1 Half-Life Blue Shift Half-Life Opposing Force Half Life 2 Half Life 2:Episode 1 Half-Life 2:Episode 2 Half Life Decay Risk II Terminator 3:War of the Machines Jurassic Park:Operation Genesis EVE online Empire Earth II Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 PlayStation 2 GTA:III GTA:Vice City GTA:San Andreas GTA:Liberty City Stories Turok:Evolution Gran turismo 3 A-Spec The Getaway Spiderman I and II Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter Rainbow Six:3 Jak 3 NHL 22004 NHL 2007 NHL 2K8 TMNT Transformerss:The Game(2007 movie version) Madden 2007(NFL) Suzuki super Bikes (IDK wtf this is but i have it) Star Wars:Battlefront I Star Wars:Battlefront II Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Bionicle(the first one for PS2) Lego Star Wars I:The Prequel Saga Half Life:Decay ----------------------------------------------------------- Thats all my games so far.I might get VCS later on though
  11. My moms........ absolutely delicious chocolate chip cookies!
  12. I just started to learn the Electric Guitar although im pretty good at it.I'm the 2nd best in the class(i'm in the school band,yeah im a geek getover it )
  13. One time, this bastard was making fun of me and my friends off so i just told him to "****" off. He says something(i only heard a small bit of it).I flew into a rage and jumped on him.I pounded his ass so hard my hand hurt for 2hours after that(only a dull pain).This was in High school so the teacher saw us. After a brief encounter with the school principal(who BTW is a total asshole)we were sent back to class(well it was lunchtime) Good thing is:He got a 4 day suspension Bad thing:No real Bad thing That asswipe got what he deserved
  14. No i dont but i have the first 1 for PS2 and computer+Opposing force Xpansion for PC and the Half life 2 demo(for some reason my parentss can buy my sister a PS2(even tho the comp is i her room and the(well now mine) PS2 is in mine) but they cant by me a simple orange box(with some video gaems)! )
  15. What i HATE the most: The character was (as said by CJ) a "Mute dumbass' and a "Snake without a tongue" -Couldnt swim :pissedred: -lousy atmosphere -Cant jump out of a moving van because it isnt stationary
  16. Hi 'sup im new here and im just introducing myself! <------this would be in y sig if i knew how to put pictures in it
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