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  1. if you download mission builder and know what you're doing you can merge the code into one main.scm Unfortunatly i'm not too great at .scm modding so that's as much as i can help :/
  2. i find the percentage bars are unreliable.. they're probably too busy working on the damn thing to care about the bars. Either way i'm looking forward to it.
  3. Ciggarettes :/ You should be able to roll your own and maybe put a little more then tobbaco in it.
  4. everything will be sketch style once complete.
  5. oh, and please post any bugs you notice!
  6. Hi.. i've not been here for a few months but i figured i need a place to advertise this piece of mod, what i'm planning to do is change all the textures to look like 3D sketches This including everything, lamposts, roads, buildings, etc.. Website: Click here Screenshots: Picture 1 Picture 2 Picture 3 Picture 4 Picture 5 Picture 6 Picture 7 Progress: Weapons: 97% -Updated, please redownload- Vehicles: 95% -Few minor problems need fixing- Skins: 2% Roads & Paths: -Delayed- Interiors: -Delayed- Exteriors: -Delayed- Weapon Effects: 80% Available Downloads: Weapon Pack (updated on 7th Sept) Tommy Skin Vehicle Pack (40% of vehicles) Vehicle Pack (Final 60%) All vehicles Loading screen & Main menu Wheels Feel free to post your opinions
  7. judging from the "WTF" and funny smiley.. i suppose you're wondering what the blek is it? Well, it's my collection of cars which i've messed about with on photoshop so they look f*cking amazing.
  8. Click meh Feel free to point and laugh at my "art"..
  9. it is possible to get mods on XBox as i have done it myself, Simply by using a DVD rewriter.. It has 4 IMG files on it, 3 of them are dummy one that just take up space.
  10. hmm.. dogs.. wouldn't the RSPCA be pissed about that? i hope it's a dog
  11. they worked alright.. however, you use a trainer!! neat..
  12. *edit* Doesn't matter, i got it working now.
  13. i got bored and decided to make a stunt vid.. then i got bored of making the stunt vid and whacked the other stunt vid i made at the end of this stunt vid... enjoy.. Click me, should work now
  14. i downloaded it at school and it don't work. So if it's evil then the school is boned
  15. i can't get it to work on my comp either it's a pain in the arse.
  16. what's wrong with my mullet
  17. Andy, i never looked at yours Maybe if it was saved as a .gif or .jpg
  18. Click to view I think it's much better then the last one.. enjoy
  19. yep but sadly the url was blurred out along with the rest of the photo.
  20. not really, The background is just a photo of SA and the logo is just.. the logo
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