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  1. Hope you can define the controls in the pause menu?
  2. compare it to the convertible beside. how the fuck is that a mini cooper?
  3. hehe i see a pro laps store confirmed return of 2 clothes stores from San An!!!
  4. lmao @ people complaining about gangster rap. firstly R* are obviously going to have it on GTAIV becuase masses love Gangster rap. secondly because R* are versatile, they will have something for everyone. So to be honest i dont care if hollaback girl is on it because guess what? I'm just gunna NOT listen to it lol Rockstar will do a brilliant job on the soundtrack. guaranteed. personally I would love some oldskool hip hop, some alternative and underground, and some indie stations. and definatly a talk station or two!
  5. i'm gonna guess you can only cause a certain amount of damage... i hope not though!
  6. could anyone please post up image links if possible? i cant seem to enter the GTAforums..
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