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  1. AHHHH I'm stuck on this mission too. Its like I drive a horrible old slow van all that way just to end up with old whats his face dead within 30 seonds of getting to the warehouse! I end up getting really annoyed and going back to good old cod4 for the rest of the day! Hmmm... annoying!
  2. I killed Francis because derick was kool, but I heard a while after I killed him on wombat news of whatever its called that Derick had been arrested and will be in jail... They also reported on francise's death
  3. Mate, my best advise is not to look and listen to the strategy guides, go straight into the hospital with an AK47 or similar and full health and armor, take loads of cover with the Right Bumper/R1 and shoot everyone! once youve killed everyone in the hospital, go get the coke and find the first aid kit, ready to floor the nearest car to the building and get away from the cops! After reading all the strategy guides and stuff, it took me 2 tries to complete: first is with the help of the strategy guides and the second is with the advise I have just said! Hope this helps
  4. My friend found a good way how to unlock the achievment: In a chopper, fly to an island you havn't unlocked, get the six stars. Then fly up onto the top of a tall building. get out of the chopper and after he had done this, my friend told me he found a "box thing" on the building which he walked around for the five minutes to avoid the police chopper shooting at him. After I heard this, I though great! Ill do it but then silly old me went and passed Three Leaf Clover, so there was no locked Island left
  5. you get a camera on your phone after completing one of playboy x's missions...
  6. My fav. car is prob the Huntley Sport or the comet. lol I went back to ma safehouse one day nd the street was lined with comets! I parked 3 outside ma safehouse but 2 ov em have been lost...
  7. Hehe. Very nice. When in the game is this feature available? Cheers
  8. Hmmm..... I found the mission .. only took me 2 tries and I passed it...
  9. Ok so I got a new 360 a couple of weeks after gta iv was released which came with the game. After a while of trigger happy playing, i noticed a couple of minor details: At some intersections, when the traffic light is green, the shadow on the floor underneath the light remains red. When you try and open a car door but it is being blocked from opening by a lamp post or somthing, niko manages to get in even with the door being ajar When you smash a large cars window to get in it (eg the hummer lookalike), niko will often put his hand through some of the cars bodywork because the animation is not finely tuned enough Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the game and these are only 3 in the 100's of minor details which make the game unique. Any other minor details youve spotted? please post a response and tell me! Thanks
  10. Im gonna hopefully play it all saturday because of all the other things im comitted 2 like school nd stuff I havent really had enough time to play it. Hopefilly the 'IV Saturday' im gonna have will really make me like the game and get me a few missions out of the way at the same time lol.
  11. Hi can I be part of the clan plz? my xbl gamertag is: GTA norman Thanks!
  12. My 360's disk tray has decided to not stay closed anymore! happened tonight and im so gutted! microsoft arent even open now so i cant even call to get it repaired!!! looks like Ill miss the release p.s any ideas how to fix it? Thanks!
  13. haha lol you could get a taxi nd become a taxi driver and then get your mates to pay you to drive them around
  14. I went into zavvi last saturday, they haven't run out, its just they have run out of the allocations for pre-orders and they will have over 100 actual games that are not set aside for pre orderers(Reading Branch) according to the guy there
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