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    Guess on the controls?

    Hope you can define the controls in the pause menu?
  2. AFS

    Mini Cooper in GTA IV?

    compare it to the convertible beside. how the fuck is that a mini cooper?
  3. AFS

    New magazine preview

    no proof...
  4. AFS

    Hidden Package #3 Surfaces

    hehe i see a pro laps store confirmed return of 2 clothes stores from San An!!!
  5. lmao @ people complaining about gangster rap. firstly R* are obviously going to have it on GTAIV becuase masses love Gangster rap. secondly because R* are versatile, they will have something for everyone. So to be honest i dont care if hollaback girl is on it because guess what? I'm just gunna NOT listen to it lol Rockstar will do a brilliant job on the soundtrack. guaranteed. personally I would love some oldskool hip hop, some alternative and underground, and some indie stations. and definatly a talk station or two!
  6. AFS

    PSM3 Features GTA IV Preview

    i'm gonna guess you can only cause a certain amount of damage... i hope not though!
  7. AFS

    PSM3 Features GTA IV Preview

    could anyone please post up image links if possible? i cant seem to enter the GTAforums..