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  1. That's the "Glory Hole" that we GTA fans love to fall through. It's a simple glitch: it will go away once you do the last mission, "End Of The Line". NO SPOILERS!
  2. GTA2 had the best graphics. Really clear. London and 1 were just too damn pixely.
  3. What has GTA been about? Death. What does that mean I voted for? Death. Do I have any comments on my vote? Death. xD
  4. I'd like to tell you all about my Fanfic series, Grand Theft Auto: The Untold Stories. The title basically speaks for itself, but I'll explain it anyway: These fanfic episodes are an attempt to bridge the gap between the GTA games. I came up with the idea to cross over GTA with 24, although it does not have Jack Bauer kicking @$$ all over Liberty City, it simply borrows the Real-Time formula of 24. Each episode is an Hour, each season is a Day. The main characters are Tommy Vercetti and Carl Johnson. They were both born on September 11, 1955, and met eachother at the age of 3. Over time the series deals with them helping eachother out, and also introduces later games' characters early on (i.e. Mike Toreno, Miguel). A brief description, indeed, but you can see what has been going on in the series so far, at: Guru Games HQ Or, look up GTA: TUS at: Grand Theft Wiki Happy reading!
  5. LOL @ how most of the pics have sparks or gunshots (and even one explosion) in them.
  6. I have a simple question. I bought GTAIII, VC, and SA for the PC. SA was at V2. I downgraded it. I'm also playing this on a new PC, so there should not be any problems. However, I modded GTAIII with the Intercity Highway and Miss Liberty Pack. No problems there, the game works perfectly. I downloaded a lot of mods for SA, but only added the Katana mod that makes your Katana like Cloud Strife's sword in FF. All the mods were downloaded from The GTA Place. My game froze just at the bomb shop where you can find the Katana. Is it because I originally had V2 of the game, or because I can't have 2 games modded at once, or because of something else?
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