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  1. I'm bumping this because I'd like to request deletion of this topic (maybe I'm just blind, but I can't find the edit button to delete this myself. The series has been cancelled.
  2. Hey! Don't you dare change Algonquin! I'll have you know the Algonquin were (and I think maybe still are, if any more exist) one of the most honored tribes of Native Indians, and Algonquin Park is my favourite Provincial Park (my Grandma lives just outside Algonquin Provincial Park). Also, Odie passed away? What happened? I never heard this at all.
  3. Never happened to me... although I'm only 13 so it's not that bad.
  4. I've played all of them (even Advance and the London ones) and I'm only 13, so meh and blah is what I say.
  5. Well, I was in Bohan... dunno if I was near the strip club though... but I didn't hear anyone talking. I just saw the words.
  6. I was playing GTA IV, killing a ton of civillians, and then when I killed like the 100th one, it said on the screen "That's enough, let's go." and then when I killed one more, it said "That's it, you're done." Has anyone else had this happen to them? I thought it was pretty fucking hilarious.
  7. Only going through my Sony games right now. PS2 (I have about 30, so I'll just go through my favorites): Ace Combat 4 GTA3 GTA: VC GTA: LCS GTA: VCS GTA: SA WSOP The Godfather Scarface: The World Is Yours Guitar Hero III Tony Hawk's Underground PS3 (I think there's more, but if so, I can't remember them): MGS4 Godfather: Don's Edition GTA4 Rock Band Folklore Transformers Assassin's Creed GRAW 2 RSV MotorStorm PSP: GTA: VCS ATV Offroad Fury: Blazin' Trails PSN: Echochrome Warhawk (PS3) + Add-ons Warhawk (PS1) Spyro The Dragon Tekken 2 Syphon Filter High Stakes On The Vegas Strip: Poker + Add-ons Godfather: Don's Edition Add-ons Folklore Add-ons MotorStorm Add-ons Rock Band Track Packs MGS4 Database GT: HD Concept Tiger Woods '08 Demo
  8. GTADomain sucks. THey kicked me cause I snapped at them for making fun of my mom, and they did that just cause I stuck up for another member. My name was Carl_Johnson, and I sincerely hope you aren't one of the assholes who was picking on me.
  9. About the Brian issue: Read GTA: TUS. In it, Brian dies because Carl does not help supress his wounds when he gets a phone call. If you're wondering what wounds, Brian gets shot.
  10. Good question. In fact, I do realize that Carl's age at the time of San Andreas is a bit far-fetched, although, if you look at Carl's face in the game, you'll see he's had quite a bit of wear over time. Anyway, more spoilers for Ep. 24: There. Now, that will probably be all before I start working on this series again.
  11. Episode 24 has been completely thought out, so here's a synopsis of two parts of the episode for those who are thinking things like "Put the 5th episode up already dammit!" and want new content. EXTREME SPOILERS - THIS EPISODE TIES THE KNOT OF THE FATE OF SEVERAL CHARACTERS: Now what did you think of that? I do have the entire episode planned in my head, so don't think that's all I have. In fact, I have the entire series in my head, although a new Fic might make me change some things (Lost Cause, search for it on Grand Theft Wiki).
  12. Hangman's NOOSE on Hard is easy as shit. Nice money too. 4500$ minimum.
  13. Klacid (I know, how original) I have like 45 friends though so if you want to add me hurry up. Preference: people with headsets
  14. 7 when I played Vice City. I was Straight then. (Sorry, felt like I had to say that).
  15. No, but I thought about it, and there's some guys I honestly like.
  16. I know it wasn't valid, but my 10th was special to me. Like my 10th birthday. Double Digits.
  17. I'm just going to vote Bi. Bicurious, Bisexual. Same difference. Cause I keep thinking about guys and girls, guys mostly. Probably makes me the youngest person ever to come out of the closet.
  18. Confused. Bicurious I guess. Not voting now. I was going to vote Bi, but I'm not sure yet. Is this normal during puberty? Being bicurious?
  19. "Keep Your Friends Close..." very cliched. "An Old Friend"... longest mission in GTA Series to date. (It technically lasted through the whole damn game).
  20. GTA, GHIII, The Godfather: The Don's Edition (has anyone else downloaded the bonus shit off of the PlayStation Store?), Transformers, CS, DoD
  21. Tommy! How can you go wrong with Ray Liotta?
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