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  1. Blur

    Few new GTAV Signitures

    Very cool. I still have the one from last time which still looks great. Might change it with the second trailer coming up!
  2. Just had a mini heart attack. Holy sh&t!!
  3. Its really going to depend on what is inside the Game Informer magazine. Considering we're going to find out about the main protag(s), and story. I will be content with an awesome trailer showing of more of the countryside, and something new (depths of ocean? Rockstar just embellishing). I'm sure they're going to give us a lot to talk about.
  4. "For miles and beyond - from the tops of the mountains to the depths of the ocean". God, that sends chills down my spine. Thank you Rockstar.
  5. Shame I can't buy an individual copy of the magazine for PC. PC/MAC is subscription only: 12 Issues for $20. I'm going to be like a hawk on the 8th of November, scouring every possible corner. But TGTAP, GameInformer and the Newswire will be the first places I will check. Thanks
  6. Already have a Vice City poster on my wall. Its huge. Its really up in the air on which game is my favorite in the series. Right now I have San Andreas on my profile. Both games had a great set of cast. I first saw Reynolds in Deliverance and later in Boogie Nights. At the time I hadn't realized at the time of playing III, Vice City and San Andreas just how great a cast of actors Rockstar had assembled. Some of favorites in the series: Chris Penn (Officer Pulaski), James Woods (Mike Toreno), Luis Guzman (Ricardo Diaz), and Ray Liotta of course. I think I'm most looking forward to the trailer and the artwork.
  7. Blur

    GTA V Artwork: Pest Control

    Damn! this wallpaper looks good on my 22'' screen. Love the colors.
  8. What a great suprise before the weekend. Do we know when they will release the Nov. issue or show of the cover. From what iv'e read GI presents the cover on the first Thursday of the month. That would be Nov. 1.
  9. Blur

    Three New GTA V Screenshots - Transport

    All we know is that it takes place in present day Southern Cali. Late 2012 or early 2013.
  10. Blur

    Evasion in Five

    True they got away with that in RDR because it was a true to the early 1900s. I'm holding onto some hope that we will see animals in the countryside that are interactible. Would you rather have animals in the game that you can't harm or no animals at all? Good ideas.
  11. Blur

    Three More GTA V Screenshots - Leisure

    What we really need is a ten page Game Informer cover on all the juicy details about the game. I think then people will truly be sastisfied. But these screenshots can allude to more things to come. I get really excited seeing that waterfall. Could we see water currents like in RDR?
  12. Blur

    Three More GTA V Screenshots - Leisure

    I think its somewhere between Angel Pine and Back O' Beyond, but not apart of that huge mountain range we saw in the trailer.
  13. Blur

    Evasion in Five

    I don't have any particular ideas for the wanted system, but they need to make it more difficult to escape from the police. They can keep the current system as long as things get revamped. Its too easy to shake a helicopter in IV. Also K9 dogs would be awesome as long are there are no annoying quick time events - I can see those getting bothersome for some people. In IV I think I only used the spray n' pay twice on my first playthrough! Smarter AI, better tactics to stop the player (road blocks, spike strips). I can see the terrain playing a large role in aiding your escape (or thrwarting - mountain impasses anyone?) , that is were the helicopter would come in making things more harder for us.
  14. Blur

    Three More GTA V Screenshots - Leisure

    So has the Grand Theft Auto V marketing begun, or are they still teasing us. The screens look fantastic. Love the array of colors.
  15. Blur

    Parachutes in GTA V

    Why did I move here? I guess it was... the enormous, freaking gigantic landscapes. Look at those handcrafted rocks and the mini-waterfall. This game is setting up to be the best Grand Theft Auto ever imo. If you go to the GTA V offical site you will see three spots reserved again for pictures. Another sneak peak Friday, its possible.
  16. Blur

    Three New GTA V Screenshots - Transport

    Whoo. The cheeta is back. Puts a smile on my face to seen anything GTA releated. Its going to be a great week. It also seems to appear that Ned Luke is the person in the F-18!
  17. Blur

    First GTA V Screenshots Released!

    Taxies man. I for one wouldn't mind the long trips. I can see myself now listening to some psychedelic rock station while driving on the highway with the mountains in the distant. I'm really excited for what Los Santos has to offer. With Rockstar taking the approach of quality over quantity, in terms of the amount of detail they are adding to the enviornment. I feel that they will really make the city come alive like never before (the homeless people under the bridge). Now what I am most looking forward to is news on the main character(s). Only time will tell. Also the second screenshot is the best imo.
  18. Blur

    First GTA V Screenshots Released!

    Notice the bridge in the background of the first picture, man the map must be really something else. Also anyone else think Rockstar should change the picture on the newswire (right now it features Max), yeah I know it also says GTA V in the headline, but some people may still dismiss it, wasn't really expecting this at all. Awesome R*
  19. Joined as vertigo187. What versions of the game will you guys be playing MP3 on? I've already planned on purchasing it for the Pc.
  20. Rockstar's 2013 fiscal second-half period begins in Sept. '12 and ends March '13, so V will probably be released within that interval. October 24, 2012 sounds good to me. As for Max Payne, I still plan on getting the PC version. As I said on the newswire, if the extra time will produce a better game than so be it.
  21. Blur

    What are you most excited for?

    The countryside. Its left to our imaginations to fill in what we would want based on the trailer. The enormous size of Mt.Chilad just sets the bar for what's to come. With Rockstar saying V will be the biggest GTA yet, I can picture the following areas to be making a return Whetstone, Flint County, Red County, and bits of southern Las Venturas. Oh, and information on the Wanted level system and the main characters. Of course I can't wait for the V website to go 'fully' up. Rockstar did such a good job with the IV site imo.
  22. Who thinks the blimp in GTA V could be replacing the reappearing helicopter on the game's cover art. I think so.

    1. Spider-Vice


      I think the blimp will be at an unreachable height in the game tbh :/

  23. Blur

    The Most Detailed Video Analysis of GTA V's Debut Trailer

    Yup, Ned Luke is a sure-fire pick to be the main protag, or at least one of them. He deleted his Facebook and twitter acount, dead giveaway. I would have no problem with having two playable characters. A 40 something protag, think of Mr. Blonde from Reservoir Dogs. And the black/Hispanic gentleman driving the red convertible.
  24. Blur

    GTA 5 Wishlist

    Police Realistic police (killing NPC's won't give you a wanted level if no one sees you). K-9 dogs. After 4-stars you will have to lose the helicopter following you to have wanted level go down. Wanted level is not as easy to lose like in IV. Weapon System Dual wielding pistols. Wider arrange of melee weapons. More fluid animations. More blood and gore. Weapon customization: silencers on pistols or rifles (like in the trailer) Enivironment Larger city (2x size of IV). Huge countryside with full size mountain range and forest. Desert terrain. Small cities and many side missions to particpate in. More interiors, vertically too. High rise building. Ability to buy apartments, condos, houses. A diverse weather system: at one point it could be sunny and then you have a thunderstorm. Heavy fog, beautiful sunsets and sunrise, or drought in some parts of the country. Transporation Planes, car customization, body shops, bicycles, jet skis. Clothing More stores! Suits for that party overlooking Los Santos or sweats when you have a messy job to take care of. Lots of different choices. Storyline A long storyline (like IV). Character cameo's from IV or other GTA's.
  25. Blur

    First GTA V trailer is here!

    Sounds like someones fantasy. Though, if so that would be awesome. A lot of those things are a first for a GTA game. Or any Rockstar game for that matter.