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  1. How is the asian version different? Mine is I think, box says For Sale In Asia Only on the back.
  2. lol yeah whos this?

  3. Hmm I thought that was for in first person view only
  4. I want to know too. I changed the keys to SA style and fly with numpad. By default it's bank left/right with A and D buttons and rotate left/right with 4 and 6 buttons, which sucks so I swapped them. Also fire button to 0
  5. lol did you make it? I forgot.

    It holds a value there, I thought it looks good.

    Got nothing in mind for a new one..lazy too lol

  6. TBH I paid no attention to the radio so far.. If you ask me, I cant even name you a radio station name lol
  7. oh I missed out that he said he mounted the game.. ahhh so it's pirated I don't think steam or d2d would give you an image file..
  8. shit I think you better go back to ask for a change.
  9. I am surprised the game put me on med and 1280x1024 by default and only has occasionally lags during intense parts, if you could remember my specs I posted in the other long thread where someone told me to it should run no more than low settings
  10. that usually happens to me if the spectator mode is on.. have you been able to play in a MP session yet? how about joining one with a game mode which you can spawn immediately so that you won't get spectated while waiting a round to finish.
  11. I prefer to write it out as in the diagnostic tool it does not show my overclocked processor's speed, that's the only thing I was unsure about. I got this just a few months back Lowest settings still no?
  12. Any help? Oh and I think my gfx card is supposed to be 3870
  13. hey too late but happy birthday as well

  14. hey thanks.

    i know it's a little too late my response.

    See you here 1 march 2009 lol

  15. Hey finally another post from me after many months. Hopefully this time I can be a little bit active in the forums if I actually can get to play the game on my PC. Here's my specs, I just copy n paste what 'system tests' (like systemrequirementslab) gave me. I don't know much about the processor as I bought the whole rig from someone, who overclocked it. IntelĀ® CPU 2140 @ 1.60GHz, running @ 2801MHz 3GB RAM ATI Radeon HD 3800 Series 512MB overclocked to 1GB XP SP2 -- I should upgrade to SP3 before getting the game since it's recommended (I heard you can tweak the reg to make it run on SP2), it better be faster then And I know it isn't that good enough, low settings perhaps? Okay? I don't know about the gfx settings of the game. Thanks oh and hi chris82
  16. Got no PS3, don't got time to play games anymore. If it's come out for PC then yeah but I think my system probably won't be able to run it.. anyways the game should run the best on those dedicated consoles, definitely not the PC
  17. Just curious, did you get that link from gtapla.net? I saw it there. Anyways Forum History is always great. Nope, got it from Metacafe Someone posted a video of it on yahoo.com
  18. Someone told me about having cancer and she will live no longer than 6 months but lol i knew it's April Fool... i said go to die then
  19. Yeah yahoo.com has got to be the best
  20. Wonder if anyone tried this? http://web.archive.org/web/*/http://forums.thegtaplace.com it's from www.waybackmachine.org I was here back then 2004
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