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  1. no actually they are in the audio folder in a file called sfx.SDT ya need the gta 3 audio editor by lithjoe. [or maybe somethin else. thats what i use.]
  2. you gotta go in the folder where you have it installed theres a folder called data open that and theres a file called handling.cfg open that with notepad.[if word wrap is on uncheck it [up top under format] makes it alot easier.] you'll see that all the cars have a bunch of numbers after the name divided up by letters uo top of the file tells you what each does. basically what i tweak is j and k this is for traction. bump j up to about 1.2 or 1.3. [your preference. depends on if you like the drift or tight-ass cornering.] n and o this is for top speed and acceleration i take n up to 999 and o to 99. if you want no damage go to the end to y and set that to zero. the first one "b" is for mass i think this is what you want for makin the cars fly. i never really tweaked this much so i dont know if it will effect the suspension or not but you can raise that number a fair amount and try it and if alls well go back raise it some till it starts messing up. that should basically hook you up you can do some wild things with the suspension too but i usually have to do the tweake and try method. i got my dirtbikes jacked up so the seat is just over tommys head. looks funnier than hell. but you cant really do wheelies anymore tho.
  3. no its "get in the back ahhhhh" and hes not asian hes pakistani. i have all the sound files ripped man i've tweaked this game to the friggin moon.... i know.
  4. i would try installing the latest directx and video drivers (sound drivers wouldnt hurt as well) before redoing windows.
  5. go thru the tunnel out by phil's place.
  6. where? in the rifle range area? i just looked through whole store and found nothing but 2 pics of nuke explosions.
  7. lol i always do that after i get the mansion. you can take out about 10 - 15 and only get 2 stars then run upstairs change clothes and do it again and again.... the vercetti's are always my least favorite gang in my stats.
  8. i would say that comment was highly un-called for.
  9. There are 35 Rampages to complete scattered around Vice City. Each has a 2- minute time limit and provides infinite ammo for a particular weapon.
  10. ok i found a mod for san andreas for no cars or peds got to looking at it and the frq isnt set to zero its the next two : flags and comprules so im thinkin this might be how its done. btw there is no vehicle.ide in vice or 3 just s.a. in v~ and 3 its in the default.ide. i'll try it out later and post up the results in case someone else is interested in gettin this done.
  11. go into the cop station over in washington beach ( ithink thats what the area is. was never good at remembering the areas names.lol) its down the street from the hotel where you start the game. go inside (put ur guns away or they'll start cappin) to the left is a locker room with a cop uniform u can change into. the soldiers wont shoot at ya if ya wear the cop uni form. not sure if the uniforms in there before you do the breaking cam out of jail mision or not. its one of the first malibu club missions. if not there and you really wanna fly the hunter you can type the cheat to cycle thru tommy's outfits. but dont save cuz it might mess up ur rating. some do some dont 4 some reason. i think the cheat is STILLLIKEDRESSINGUP [for pc of course] but maybe not
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