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  1. Another character that might be in GTA IV is "candy Suxx". if you watch the phill bell video on the gta IV website watch until the part when there in the strip club and in the backround there is an electronic banner thing that the has strippers names on it and one of them spells out c.a.n.d.y s.u. and then it switches scenes. i'm just sayin cuz candy was a stripper in gta vice city and there in a strip club.
  2. what i want the most is when the cops open your door and you get busted to be able to keep driving unlike the old grand theft autos. That was total bull. Also if you dont wanna run and just get arrested you should have to get on the ground and wat the cops put cuffs on you
  3. what i want the most is being able to shoot someone and see the bullet hole in their chest or where ever you shot them. Also i wanna see characters in past gta games like tommy or carl.The last thing i think is so annoying is how yoe run from the cops and hide in some random ally and the go right to that spot. they should drive by where ever you are if they dont see you.
  4. I was in 3rd grade when i got gta III for christmas. So I had to of been 6 or maybe 7. Still to this day I play every one of them and Im 13
  5. I think one of the past characters from the grand theft autos are still alive. Thats why in gta IV niko is looking for someone. The trailer is called "looking for that special someone"
  6. I also think its a voice over. And also in trailer 3 at the end when the 2 guys ask niko a question and then niko answers, niko is answering to different people. the guy he's talking to is wearing different clothes and a little different hairstyle.
  7. The picture with niko standing in front of the exploding cop cars is quite amazing. I havent seen anythinh like that in any GTAs before
  8. The guy standing behind niko with the green shirt is Packie Mcreary
  9. the picture of the character Bledar Morina on r* website sure looks like the same man being punched by niko in trailer 3 at 1:13
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