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  2. That is actually a good thing. It's portable-missions. They are like that to make the game a better portable experience. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Oh, ok I guess I didn't see it as that...heh. I will edit my post. While I'm here, does anyone else have any suggestions to add to the list?
  3. Pros ~Full 3D Grand Theft Auto ~Large city ~80-100 hours of gameplay ~Many missions ~Downloadable content ~Snow weather effects ~Memory Stick Pro Duo in-game music ~Graphically beautiful ~Not long missions ~Handheld ~Many old faces, and some new! ~Perfect time of year in-game to make sense ~New, enhanced game engine ~Better targetting system ~Semi-transparent hubs to view more of the road ~This is amazing as it is on a handheld Cons ~No interior environments ~No flying ~Different controls :'( ~Hush hush about the game thanks to R* ~Some people expect it to be like the consoles, which is virtually impossible with a handheld. ~Other than these few things, LCS should be an amazing game. Does anybody else have any suggestions to add?
  4. They seemed big enough for me. Infact, I was playing it not even a month ago. My friend and his cousin wanted to play San Andreas, I was like "SCREW THAT! I'm playing GTA III!". <{POST_SNAPBACK}> lol I feel the same way. But I guess my idea worked for downloadable content, I thought R* was just like FOCK it you know.
  5. So dude, why are you on a GTA PSP forum?
  6. I guess the crappy driving, like I mean it feels weird to me, and I really cant keep control. I'd be going so fast, and I can hit a car a little and spin off the road, and they tried hard with the blur effect, but it didn't work...
  7. I'm not sure but most likely yes. Can you post the video if you get that magazine somehow?
  8. I know, it's kind of hard to determine, and I just want to give all of you a hint. He said August because Rockstar is releasing a video clip of LCS in action on AUGUST 25!
  9. Yeah, I think it's just on the ground in a corner and snow wont be falling. It would be verrrrrry hard to make that as snow falls to the ground and could melt, stay, or turn to ice. BTW ice would be cool, so like Police chases, the cars could slide off the road. I hope the driving engine is better this time around as well.
  10. Hehe you guys are funny. Yeah, I'm gonna buy it, preferably the day it comes out. I can't wait. I hope they make it come out in September (PRAYS TO GOD)
  11. Nice. Yea, the right analog stick is a huge loss, and the R2 and L2 buttons. And nice job explaining everything.
  12. Click here to see the video as the phantasytoons site is down and probably gone forever. - Wave goodbye! Anyways, there it is, now it could be true what Adriaan said that he could lock the buttons and all but I don't know, fake or not, I thought it was pretty real.
  13. It sucks how they have absolutely nothing except the god damn logo on the site. Whoopdityfuckitydoo! We know the god damn logo right? Show us some information please! I know what you mean Spaz, but how come like, oh let's just say, San Andreas, they had all these shots and videos and stuff like that right. But they could make a video for us at least you know.
  14. I typed that ^^^^ on the wishlist. It would be cool if they did, imagine, they could make it go on for ever. Like new cars, sub-missions, mini-games, glitches and stuff like that yo.
  15. Just like San Andreas, it is a downloadable patch or a mod. Therefore, they shouldn't of flipping attacked the god damn GTA in the first palce. Stupid peeps. And now they go attack the Sims 2. WHAT THE FLIP IS NEXT?!?!?! Blue's Clue's for a nude patch on Blue?
  16. On another LCS fansite I was browsing around and looked at some news. I can't remember which site as there are too many but I'll tell you a summarized version. On a site called phantasytoons.com (which seems to be gone) had a video of a person playing LCS. Ok, so he fired up his PSP, then went to games, he pressed UMD which had a GTA LCS logo in the background of the PSP. Then a pic of GTA LCS logo appeared when he pressed it. Then it say R* North, then R* Leeds. Then a loading bar appears. Then he goes through a menu and "stumbles" upon "Saved Games" He went to his file and pressed X, another loading bar than appeared. Where'd the video go? It goes blank, then a large message pops up, "Why would I spoil R*'s hard work? Maybe I'll do that in August" Ok, so we already knew there was a playable version in the truck. But now we know, in a video clip someone has it, and why he says August? I believe that in August LCS will be coming out. He says he'll do that in August, maybe when the game comes out... Now it looks a 100% legit, more beleivable then the kid withe Xbox 360!
  17. How much nicer can I be? I apologized to him before, and I don't know what I did wrong that I am not being nice about. I'm just saying I'm not dumb which everyone on this forum thinks I am, and I don't use AOL, hence the name "AOL Kiddy" people refer to me as. (By the way thank you for spelling my name right. !) Final comment: I have nothing against nobody!
  18. That moron IS the kid that made the controls. Just so you know, and all. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Yes ok man look. I said I'm sorry for being an "AOL Kiddy" which I'm actually not. I use IE. So yeah, but I'm just saying, my mom can be annoying too, today she made me go crazy. I said that I was sorry, but I swear I don't mean to do whatever I did bad on this forum, and you know that, so call me an "IE" (Rogers Extreme) Kiddy if you want too amd I know that I'm a kid. But I am not the average 11 year old k. I don't wanna be mean but I am not stupid, and I have rights, just like everybody else does. Like, ever since that quad acidental post, I haven't done anything. I said sorry, I apologize, like I mean, I did nothing wrong, so I may be an IE kiddy or whatever the heck you wanna call me. But one things for sure, I'm not dumb, I'm a computer whiz, and I guess all I want to say is that sure our moms can piss off us, which is when I hate her most, but come on yo. She's your mom... Please, I respect you, but I don't see why you had to call me a moron and idiot and other names. One more thing, I am intelligent, and I am strong. People acknowledge me, when I first came here I wanted to be friends with everyone, but then when I do a quad post I get into an argument with the moderator, and I apologized, and now he calls me a moron for posting controls. I had nothing against you, and I respect intelligence, but I can only respect who respects. But like I've said I'm not against you Spaz, but you just keep calling me names and it bothers me. BTW That is if you are referring to me heh. Crap I think I messed up sorry Spaz... you were using his word.
  19. God bless this man, who understands that even if a god dam 11 year old plays it anyway, well his dad bought it for him, they make it 17+ which stores don't give a shit anyways, they make it how many years up? 18, so maybe the morons don't understand that guess what, Rockstar, got screwed over. There goes all the sales now out the window. They like attacking GTA. Look, I can list a number of games that deserve an AO rating right here: The Sims 2 with nude patches, Manhunt, God of War which INCLUDES sex, True Crime for a lame game, and the list goes on. Ok lemme give you an example. The Sims 2, there are probably dozens of nude patches which takes the censor off. Now look at GTA, it was censored, you couldn't see it, but they make a mod, and for an unrelated-Rockstar making, the game get's an AO, one day Patrick might find himself sleeping with the fishies!
  20. I got warned by Sky^ because he thought I've shold have (nuthing against him) and he to say it nicely with EXTRA care, right Sky^? Anyways then Adriaan removed my warn for being a great guy, and I thank him. *THANK YOU*
  21. Why am I so angry? Let me make it clear for you: As arrogant as it sounds, I'd call myself a pretty intelligent person. I've got my fair share of knowledge, common sense, wisdom, mistakes, etc. Yet, for some reason, alot of people don't like to acknowledge that, and therefore do not like to treat me as if I am. My mom calls me and idiot, and had the NERVE to call me computer illiterate. My mom, who can't even use the internet without AOL. Do you know how bad that makes you feel? I'm the most computer literate person in my neighborhood. My mom can't even check mail without AOL shoving it in her face with pretty pastels and rainbow colors. My mom knows no reason. All she knows is "I'm right. You're wrong. End of story." That's her mind-set. It kills me knowing that I can't win simply because she's a bitch. Then I come on here, where people from halfway across the fuckin' world respect me more than my own mother. What do I find? I find AOL-Kiddies and n00bs who remind me of my mother, plaguing my forums. My favorite thing to do is to come on here and have fun. That is how small of a life I have. These fuckin' idiots that have no fuckin' respect for hardworking staff piss me off to no end. Sorry I didn't go into more detail, but I'm too pissed to even type. Hope you have your fuckin' answer. EDIT: Some parts might not make sense. I'll try to edit anything that isn't right. I'm in a pissy mood so I can't type very well. You wouldn't believe how many times I've messed up in this sentence alone. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Yo, sorry Spaz for pissing you off before. Sorry. Ummm, sorry. Oh and just so you know I am like the computer whiz in my neighbourhoood too (except for one aldult heh), I know how it feels same with my mom I'm always wrong, she doubts me too...It sucks , but she's my moms you know, she had me for nine months in her stomach, yo, think about it like that and it should make you better.
  22. I thought weaving meant like uhh, spinning the top thingy...yeah that's what it means don't it, I'll look in the dictionary There are two meanings, to move from side to side, and to spin...DAMN IT! Heh your right on, ok ummm, k look at the part on incoming belly up vans, so that's a motorbike, oh crap... lol heh. But why is there a pic of a whirly on the poster.
  23. Yes, I was wandering about that too. I was just rereading that and when I saw that part, I was dumbfounded. R* already said no choppers, but it says in that mission he stole a chopper and had to escape back to the mansion. The chopper part could just be a cutscene, but then why would it sound so strategic if it were. Plus, why is there a chopper on the promotional posters of GTA LCS? I think they will include the maverick, police maverick, Sparrow, Seasparrow, Hunter, News Maverick, and (crosses fingers) fully-winged Dodo. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Yes, I agree, however it would be hard. So what they could do is this, they could take every little graphical aspect down a notch (things that don't matter like glass on cars, tires, rims, dirt, ground, lines in sidewalks, signal lights, etc.), I think it would be possible to add at least two or three aerial type transportation. And they don't have to be magnificent, they could be like Dodo's or something. But you know why it is hard? It's because of this, to be able to fly, you're plane has to be able to go through, like every little pinpoint in the sky, because let's say you're walking, there cant be an invisible wall in the sky now. Because let's just say a plane were to fall and not crash, and you just jumped and it took you up, the code wont know your on top of a plane, it only knows when you are in one, you get me?
  24. Hehe. Take a close look. Steal a chopper. Hmmmmm, I'm not garunteeing anything. However, this could also explain why Houser didn't finish his sentence. Now, like I said, I'm not garunteeing ANYTHING, just so you know because I don't know either . But, there is a hint I just seemed to notice. Any comments?
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