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  1. A disco GTA set in the time and feeling around saturday night fever could be nice. Late seventies.
  2. I would say that i (from sweden) know more about miami and chicago than about seattle. But anyway, Dubai would be a cool place to play GTA in. They have some extraordinary stuff there that defenitely is (or will be) world wide known. http://www.investromania.ro/images/featured_photos/Dubai.jpg http://www.linternaute.com/savoir/diaporam...palm-island.jpg
  3. one additional thing that r* has shown to use a lot is well known land marks. especially in san andreas u have the golden gate, area 51, famous casinos, SF trams etc. what does seattle have?
  4. what about a more historical GTA, i.e. in the 20´s Chicago. There u have all the gangster stuff, boxing etc.
  5. one thing i really missed in gta:sa was gang cars. they should defenitely bring that back in the 4th game i also think they should have an amish town with horses and plows etc
  6. I dont really see the point in having so many properties that only can be used to save and change clothes, especially those who cost around $100.000. However i liked the VC style where a number of properties with missions got available at the same time so one really could decide what missions to do first. So i.m.o. less of the first type and more of the second type.
  7. There are already threads about which city / time age ppl want GTA 4 to be in, however the replies there are just shoutouts. To write a proposal here you should think through the idea, area and motivate why it would be especially cool to have GTA 4 there. (Not like: GTA4 should be in Seattle bcus im born there etc.) An example for how a suggestion about GTA:SA could have looked: GTA:SA is set in western USA, with LA, SF and LV as cities. The time period is early 90:s with LA as a low-tech city almost taken over by criminal, battling gangs. With SF as a high-tech city and LV as the luxyary, low-paced place all three cities will be unique. The story is about a former "gangster" returning to his old "homies" and "gangsta rappers" in LA to retake the city. And then to my idea: GTA:4 could be set in a map referenced to three areas in the world. Firstly the largest part is in China with Peking or Shanghai as major city. Here the player can start to build his reputation, and also have a base for properties (manufacturing stuff, growing drugs etc). The second area could then be Japan and Tokyo inspired. Here the player can sell loads of stuff, cet incorporated with the Japanese mafia and just earn a hell of a lot of money. In the third area the player could come either to Hawaii (semester place, beaches etc), or to North Corea (extremely militarized and dangerous zones). Or why not both? The time could be set around the fall of the Soviet Union (1992) to create a very unstable atmosphere especially in China and North Korea. Side notes: I also would like to add Power plants and vehicle transport trucks and ferrys, among other things.
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