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  1. garyrai

    Cool Screenshots

    k look at this
  2. garyrai

    Whole new story (47 missions)

    when is it out?
  3. garyrai


    i put 20 new cars, 1 new map,new particles and new road and my game still work and thanks to 1UTFSS for the gta 3 hd cars pack
  4. garyrai

    how do i make my own road?

    by making youre own textures and stuff
  5. garyrai

    How can I add new cars to the game?

    i think i know how..... make a car that you want and download col editor, handling adder, carcols adder and default.ide adder and insert the line (like bmw,2,1) into the needed file.ask others this might be it!
  6. garyrai

    GTA 3 New Maps

    how i mod maps anyway? :|
  7. is mad becuz i am leaving the website that i am used to going to

  8. garyrai

    gta vice city sotories

    i play vcs everyday
  9. garyrai

    Favourite Gang Car

    you forgot tha y in yakuza SnowFlake
  10. garyrai

    Favourite Gang Car

    thanks dude
  11. garyrai

    Favourite Song On Vice City

    min are all emotion songs exsept ' all night long ' and i lik the song poison arrow from wave 103, and i wanna rock and cum on feel the noize from vrock
  12. that song is from gta vcs i listen to it all the time and you posted one lik it now its 2 of them
  13. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaattttttt??!!
  14. What happens when claude fly to a very high building while using the dodo?
  15. garyrai

    Grand Theft Auto: SA Trivia!

    What happens when you keep doing the money cheat alot of times?