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  1. I have the steam version so I am pretty sure it patches automatically.
  2. Hello, I am hoping to get assistance getting TBoGT to run better on my computer. The computer I had before this was a minor downgrade in every way. But yet it runs at lower framerates on my newer, current computer. I can't recall how much better. Only that the frame rates were good enough that I was able to enjoy the game much more... My old computer ran it on XP. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Hardware: Microsoft Windows 7 Professional 64 bit 8gb of RAM Video Adapter: ATI Radeon HD 5750 Video Driver version: Audio Adapter: Headphones (Cirrus Logic CS4206A (AB 24)) Intel Core i7 CPU 870 @ 2.93GHz ------------------------------------------------------------------ Here is some benchmarks from the game. 1. Recommended Settings Average FPS: 20.53 Duration: 33.18 sec CPU Usage: 20% System memory usage: 37% Video memory usage: 63% Video Mode: 2560 x 1440 (60 Hz) Texture Quality: High Shadow Quality: High Reflection Resolution: High Water Quality: Very High Texture Filter Quality: Anisotropic x4 Night Shadows: Off View Distance: 25 Detail Distance: 31 2. My experimental settings Average FPS: 25.25 Duration: 33.07 sec CPU Usage: 26% System memory usage: 42% Video memory usage: 58% Video Mode: 1920 x 1080 (60 Hz) Texture Quality: Medium Shadow Quality: High Reflection Resolution: High Water Quality: High Texture Filter Quality: Anisotropic x2 Night Shadows: Medium View Distance: 43 Detail Distance: 45 -------------------------- So I am only using 58% average of my video memory at these settings. Why is the framerate so noticably slow. In game it feels like the frame rate is varying speeds a lot as I play. Like it will run smooth for a second and the world is alive then every thing slows down the next second and even the cars sometimes will seem to actually slow down in the world. But not with their brakes. I don't know how to show the framerate while playing. I'm assuming this has that basic feature somewhere. But despite this the framerate speeds seem somewhat consistent too through night and day in the open or in the grid. If I am on foot it also is always a little better. But view distance and detail distance don't seem to cause much drop in frame rate if I raise them up. Lowering the resolution improves the framerate. But barely. And not seemingly worth it since the quality is so much less. My CPU, System Memory and Video Memory all seem like they are not being used adequately to ensure a higher frame rate. Nothing seems to be maxing out and yet the game is playing at fps levels that at first make me a little sick, but I can sort of get used to it if I am feeling the need to drive around like a madman in a city without having to actually burn gasoline or put anyone in danger. lol It's like overcoming sea sickness. So someone tell me what I can do to fix this. And not just say that it's a bad port. Even if it is. Because I have seen many, much worse ports. And the solution to this seems in reach. So close. I'm even thinking about patitioning the hard drive to install XP. Since some games will not run as well on 7 anyway. But I hoped it might be able to run better on 7. I have EfLC on steam and GTA IV DVD from store.. around here somewhere. But I don't think steam is the problem on this one. Tell me if I'm wrong. How can I get my video card and cpu working at higher percents? My old hardware was: Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3 Intel Xeon @ 2.8GHz 2,79 GHz NVIDIA Geforce 8800 GT 2gb of RAM
  3. It is a hard mission. Especially since the copter has no crosshairs or aiming reticule. But once you get a feel for it and fly in First Person mode it's quite doable. Took out the yacht on first try though i was about to crash into it and was saved by cutscene. The 3 boats took me a lot of tries. But then i was patient and got the feel for it I took them out with the machine gun. It takes barely any hits. Just have to be patient, and not overly agressive and fly into the water. Aiming downwards makes the copters speed increase dramatically that is why patience is so badly needed. If you have no clue on flying a copter then this is going to feel impossible. Fixed mounted weapons on a copter seem somewhat primitive but it's still fun and forces you to become a competent copter pilot. But to say the game is no good?... the mission isn't even necessary. After you fail you call up the guy who gave you the mission and he pretty much says: it's too bad but what can you do. He isn't even upset and you can continue on. Knowing that copter combat is not one of your skills yet. If you are too stubborn to admit you are not good at an aspect of the game. And also too stuborn to just go on to the next mission with the knowledge you failed something. Then it is your own fault. I'm 25 and have many years of gaming too, I understand the need to complete the challenge but after so many tries if you decide to give up you shouldn't blame the game for being too hard. At least in this instance... you can skip the level.
  4. I have the same problem. It freezes as soon as I try to go for coffee. I downgraded from version 2 as well.
  5. What is that? The vehicle.ide file! Like Ranzero X was saying.. where there is a bunch of 20s and zeros there is usually 10s and lower numbers like 10-1 i guess like he was saying. The vehicle.ide file doesn't even affect traffic I don't think. Except for the fact that it states what type of people will drive the car like poor, or rich, or worker, etc. I don't know much about modding traffic though I wish there was more of it some times. But this looks all wrong. Where it says class it shouldn't be 20 and 25 unless the mod really changes other things majorly.
  6. thanks lol you're the only one who has replied at all. In Gmax headlights are and actual object you can add. And it recognized where they were on the car I was modifying when I first import it. All I did was clone two more and position them. You probably have to do more to make the actual headlights manually but I think this does it for me automatically. Free program its pretty good.
  7. wat do you mean by "coordinates"? weapon.dat holds weapon statistics
  8. Don't know if I should post this in mods or here but anyway. Everytime I get to the mission "Photo Opportunity" it freezes after I meet Cesar and drive to the next location. The screen goes black but when I press the mouse button I can hear the click of a camera but no other sounds and it is obviously really screwed up because I can't alt tab out or even ctrl alt delete. The thing is I have mods and one of them is probably the cause unless this has happened to other people? My question is what is special or different on that mission from other ones before it. Because I got my game very stable and has been working fine on all the missions for a long time. But I can't get past this mission. If I knew what was different maybe I could find out exactly what file I have corrupted somehow. Another thing that would help was if there was some kind of program that let you switch your mods on and off so I could do that mission without the mods and then turn them back on after but I can't find such a program.
  9. utorrent can get you lots of files from other people.. but Photoshop is not a free program. People spend lots of time working on developing and improving it. Just try to find a cheap older version it's worth it. Like version 5.0 which I think once u have it is free to upgrade to 5.5 not sure.
  10. In my opinion it sounds like the actual 3d model needs editing, aka the .dff file. Not really very simple to fix. But possibly that's not it. Does the motorcycle act normally other then that front end problem? You should try looking in the vehicle.ide file to see what the 2nd and 3rd last numbers are. I know if I make those too low the wheels go right into the ground. one of those numbers is the front wheels and one is the back wheels. I don't know which is which. But this probably is no help if it drives normally usually. But raising the number of the front wheel could in theory fix it.
  11. umm the 10x worked fine for me but it is buggy. I got one that says it doubles it and i noticed I can see skyscrapers in the distance and cars coming from much further away.. Draw_Distance_Mod.rar And that is very interesting RanxeroX I didn't know that.
  12. Too bad about the illegal stuff.. Cuz it would be cool to not need to put your CD into the drive everytime. Very annoying. And I wanna use the NUM5 key. Dunno if u guys know wat Im talking about but you can only bind the num5 key in V 1.1
  13. ok thanks. I'll try that. it should help even if gmax isn't exactly the same. But I am aware that version 2 requires registration to import .dff. But version 1 is supposed to be able to do it for free. I tried to find version 1.7 of Zmodeler to see if it would import the .dff without error. but it is extremely hard to find. And I think it's because it is much better then 1 and can do almost everything 2 does without any registration. So the developer would obviously not want to have that program around anymore because they want to make some money from version 2. Makes sense, oh well. The headlights I added probably didn't work because i did nothing to the "hierarchy thing" is that probably right?
  14. Once you install there will be a enbseries.cfg file open it in notepad or wordpad. also open up the english read me that comes with it I copied the read me into the the GTA folder so I can get to it easy. It will explain what each thing means in the enbseries file. It can still be a little confusing like I didn't know what occlusions are and still unsure but personally... I turned off bloom and everything except shadow and reflection because the effects are cool but I have had a lot of trouble getting it to look right but shadows make everything look better and the reflections are amazing as well. So that stuff is under [EFFECT] i got mine like this right now. [EFFECT] EnableBloom=0 EnableOcclusion=0 EnableReflection=1 EnableMotionBlur=0 EnableWater=0 EnableShadow=1 DepthBias=0 i Dunno why I turned off the water effect. lol dunno wat change it makes really to the water. but watever and as for the blur. At the very bottom change MotionBlurRotation to 0 that gets rid of the blur when you move around with the mouse. You can also lower the velocity blur or turn it off but the blur rotation thing is the one that is annoying. Maybe setting it to 1 wudn't be too bad but I like it at 0. I still like the other effects but its a bit much and I couldn't get it to stop being just too bright or weird looking in certain situations. If you make ShadowFadeEnd to a higher number then it will add shadowy lighting effects to things even farther away so I reccomend you up that. I got it at 180. Seemed like a good number for it. hmm wat else... well whenever it says quality 0 is best but slowest and 2 is worst but easier on the computer. 1 is in between quality and performance. But that is all explained in the readme. Tweak away Now i gotta try to get my game to work sometimes it wont start up when ive done nothing to it then I restart and its fine but then my music will stop playing while its restarting "I CONTROL!!... alt deleted" hehe Billy Talent.. -giggles like gimpy from undergrads- byez
  15. Yup... as I expected when I exported it as .dff the headlights didn't show up. I don't know how to tell it to recognize new dummies I add.
  16. Hey, I have tried to download Zmodeler. That wouldn't import any .dff files because it had this out of memory error but I have got gmax and the scripts to import and export .dff files. But I really don't know how this all works. I am quite clever I just got the program and have never worked with 3d modeling before but I have imported the BTTF 1 delorean and added two new headlights to the front like the car actually has and I have flipped the wheels on one side around because they weren't on right. I can see that the damaged parts are like their own piece or shape or watever on the car. I made it so that those were invisible in the program to see it and edit easier but I have not tried to make it work in game yet to know if I've done it right. And I have no idea how to make the game know how to identify the damaged parts from the normal parts. I want to make the windshield breakable but can't figure that out either. I really need help. I've been looking for hours literally to find a tutorial or any kind of help on this kind of subject and have found NOTHING. I am shocked because GTA SA modding seems so popular. Why is there no help except on how to install mods. Which is not really hard to figure out. So anyway I have been surfing forever and i found this site which seems like the best one I've seen and registered and so far all I've done is help out people who know so much less then me. I thought I was a noob at this!!! So now I'm hoping it is my turn to get some help though I know this might be a little more complicated. But even the tiniest hints or help would be so much appreciated. I will keep struggling but I would love if someone could make this easier. I'd love to eventually make a car from scratch and other mods in the future. I'm new to all this modding stuff. Thanks in advance and you should check out the collection of effects I have. Though I take no credit for it. Except that I took all the best ones I could find and combined them together. http://www.thegtaplace.com/forums/index.ph...amp;hl=favorite Just go to the second post down and click the effects collection.rar I also don't know how to attach the .txd file with the textures onto the model in gmax. You can do that right? I'm gonna try to figure it out now.
  17. D/L a similar file then you should be able to figure out how to install the mod that doesn't have instructions by comparing the readme's
  18. Umm where's the site??? That sounds like a great prog. unless you mean the site we're on.
  19. I spent hours of trial and error changing the handling.cfg and vehicle.ide to finally figure out what to do. What you have to do is edit the vehicle.ide. The second last and third last numbers are like the wheel size.... Or at least in theory. But if you change those it will just change how high up your car is and the wheels will still look massive. I actually made it negative and my car was partly in the ground and was sliding around. What you have to edit is the number right before those two numbers. if it is 1 change it to 0 or -1 or something. So it is the 4th number from the last. Almost always it is either 1, 0 or, -1. so make it smaller and the wheels will change drastically. I don't understand it 100% but your welcome. I wish someone had helped me with it instead of having to spend hours of trial and error.
  20. the GTA SA Center is a great mod with so much content. Also upgrading the effects makes it so much more wicked. Blood splattering out of heads and such. Unfortunately to get all the effects I did I got from several mods. And finally the most impressive mod is this. http://boris-vorontsov.narod.ru/ss_gtasa_en.htm check it out! but when/if you install it the blur is pretty annoying and it's too bright but that can all be edited with that file that gets added. Perty reflections You know what, you guys should have this. It's my collection of effects mods handpicked from different mods as well as some edits by me. I don't know where else to post this. But I'll probably post again somewhere else and link it to this topic. effects_collection.rar And hopefully someone will help me with the thread I'm going to make about a tutorial for making or just editing modded cars. Or at the very least how I can make a breakable windshield using gmax.
  21. I think it's really deeply embedded in the code. Maybe in the GTA_SA.exe itself. You would have to have extensive knowledge of programming to let more cars be added. And even then you would probably have a hard time getting it all to work smoothly. I certainly have no clue how to do it. But it's certainly not impossible.
  22. A better delorean and/or BTTF delorean then the regular one you can download. It's okay but not the highest quality.
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