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  1. I found a bike garage in the north of Alderney. Like the Ferrari one in Alqonquin. Drive around the Top of Alderney and you will find it. I don't know exactly where it is, as I was busy with stevie's cars. If someone can mark it on that interactive map, for people to know where exactly to go.
  2. I try to get 100% but there two of Burcies activities in the checklist, which is Boating and Heliride. How do you go boating, there is no acitivty on the phone... Also, the heliride activity, what is it?
  3. Don't play with cheat my friend.. I will play cheat only when I finished the game at least 1 time. It will be no fun if you cheated.
  4. The delay maybe really make the game better. At least, we hope to play a good game.
  5. Really nice.. are you use photoshop to made it?
  6. If you don't have PS3 now, will you buy the bundle version of GTA IV?
  7. Sigh... my computer is too weak to play games.. So, I just can play it on my PS2..
  8. Really amazing artwork... So you know who draw this artwork?? Thanks for post..
  9. I like the second one! Nice wallpaper, is it created by yourself?
  10. Just like to say Hi, I'm from Hong Kong..
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