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  1. I lol'd at the PM you send to me... and Alkaline.Now go get some freinds

  2. Accept the fact you're a fucking failure. And I MIGHT back off.

  3. Honestly, you're just some bitch who has no idea what he's doing. Do you wake up to be a douchbag here because you don't have the balls to do the same IRL?

  4. Dealer, please kill yourself, as you have no business on this site.

  5. dude your a fuckin retard lol

  6. Dam good to see that Rockstar are bringing in the good old rap but still keeping it fresh with so modern stuff. Nice idea R*, best of both worlds..... I think my side will be The Classics 104.1 then........
  7. I with you on that one. Same with all Grand Theft Auto games, it's the full package! If you like driving, you can drive. If you like exploring, you can explore. If you like shooting someone in the back of the head with a pump action shotgun.......erm. You could do that but people may call you sadistic...... ! This game is worth every penny and it beats any other game hands down because it is every game.....
  8. As you all know, there has been a rather large handful of screenshots that have been handed out to numerous websites. Well after un-sticking my eyes from the screen, i noticed a little something in the bottom left hand corner. If you look at the map in the bottom left corner you will see a envelope icon. As you have already probably guessed, i think this is how we tell if we have a new message...... Tell me what you guys think of this!?...........
  9. Reason for the difference in map colors is probably because you can change the colors. This may also apply to cars, the speedometers. Like you could do in Need For Speed: Most Wanted..... If not that then it could be an automatic thing. Where if the background is similar to the colors used in the HUD, it will change. So you can see the map more clearer, instead of turning around just to see if what you are looking at is correct. That would make sense but still not sure if that is plausible......Or when you enter new cities. Anyway there are a few ideas. Anyway, these screenshots look cool. Very simple but effective. Now i can enjoy the city, instead of seeing how lovely my gun icon is in the top right!
  10. Australians will now have to import from Europe if they want to obtain an uncensored PAL version of GTA IV. Rockstar is yet to comment on what has been removed from the local PAL release, leaving many gamers quite frustrated. Source: Australia's PAL Gaming Network That's pritty dam stupid but it kind of nice of the website to be that helpful.Anyway i think i am safe as i live in the UK....
  11. That was confirmed last year... I think i may have missed that bit of information. Thanks.........
  12. If they had it for Xbox 360 then yes, i think it is worth it but for the PS3 Bundle, Defiantly NO!
  13. I just want to put this idea forward or should i say, i hope to see this. In the game Crackdown, you would see advertisement boards dotted around the city. They advertise things that where in the game but would also show advertisements for upcoming films. Now if it is possible to show up to date advertisements, then i think this could be implemented into Grand Theft Auto 4....May not do this, but it would make sense as they could keep the game feeling fresh, with up to date information. What do you guys think!?......
  14. Yeah, do not always believe what you read through Wiki........People can change what it says and put false stuff in there. Many people do it! Still i do think tanks will be present. I would not of put that in their myself, as how many guys and firepower do you need to take down one guy......But hey, its all for fun. So it would be cool to maybe get one coming after you It would be crazy!...Jetpacks and Fantasy cars is a no no.......Stupid idea! Still i would not put it past them to add something just as mad
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