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  1. nothing much just look at the scenry
  2. pac man is my great game great idea making a arcade
  3. it's 8 day's before my birthday,and will it never come out on xbox or pc again?
  4. i have all the versions xbox has better grapics but ps2 has better controls so ps2 wins
  5. GTA3: You feel like chilling? Hey get off me You ain't no gentleman! Hmmmm... Baby I feel so good P.O.E There ain't no genle in that one Kiss ya' ass goodbye Yep, I've been drinken again Hay wanna party I'm gonna getcha Learn to drive Jungman It's just a dollar Whooowhie! O,o... Way to go baby I'll show you driving He ain't got a change Damn police I don't deserve this! Out of the car You've been downtown? What do you thing you're doing?! you're kidding I gotta go on vacation You got a license? Hey, slow down Damn fool I got an itche Where the hell am I? Damn pussy You can sail the seven seas Take your gilrfriend Always trouble Baby I feel so good I ain't bitching yo! I got just what you need! You got me bright here, what do ya' say? Get off the road I got just the thing for you It's about the usual You got any change? Let's go to the mall I can't move so fast For real yo! Who's ya' daddy? Come on baby Pissing like my daddy! You feel like sexing? What's up Hey man were're you going? He's a nice guy Forget about it Hey, I can read! Ola! Hey my son! What?! The boss man want it Come over to dinner He's no good Feel free! Hey papi! Hey amigo que pasa! Easy brother! No matter she hates me! I'm grazy you know that? I'm gonna be rich! Damn farmer Where am I? You know.... That's right honey I see money! I need a sigaret I'm so happy I can shit! Wanna know howmuch? Real nice baby, real nice We're going to Aruba! Nice to meet you What's up sister It's no trouble for you! Wanna play rough?! Don't shoot your daddy baby! Hey baby! I got girls you can have! Who are you? O my god! Hey! Not me! HELP! He's a maniac! Jackass! Hey wanna party? Hey, It's all about the money Come back now He's a nice guy I don't think so! Are you kidding me?! Yo! Hello there's no need to feel down All right, I'll pay In the NAVY Call YMCA! You're looking fine girl That's a sexy lady Candy! Hi doll Hot damn! Pick up a load from the north Where's my damn school? There's a place you can go... I got the zappelin I'm depending your furure! Are you a phsyco brother? Feel lucky punk?! Somebody call a medic! Vice City: Man, you nearly got any make up! Simply, no matters Hey watch the dress You don't belong here Nobody likes me I didn't do it Hey, be carefull Cramps! loser hey hey watch out! Get out of my way chilli pepper I could buy you Hey watch yourself nothing but one hundred Get off me There's nothing wrong with my mothers boy I didn't mean nothing! Get out of the way loser! Be carefull now I'm jung, rich and cute Watch where you wave that thing Out of the way you old man Ai! Idiota You're killing me! Be cool yo. Are those real? What up, jacky Hey man, take it easy Man that's a big gun Ai, You hit me I don't mean to hit you you bug me thats okay It's like a grazy park ride You never catch me Somebody tell me where to go Are you grazy? Wait here, I'll come to you Wait here while I sing a song Be nice, You didn't say sorry Ola, my driver left me here... I was here first! no please I didn't mean it I'm outta here! Where the hell am I You gotta watch yourself You like? Oy, muchaco, Wich place is right It'll be allright Yo what's up! My marry is free Man, what's this for Man, you're crazy or some Tough guy, nothing to live for anyway I'm not scared Kill me, You'll do me a favor Move your ass Out of my way Yo my man, You're blocking the traffic Bounce! I smell great! Whoowhow It's mister nice guy! It's very late man, Move! Take it for 50! I'm going no where Hey man, put that thing away before you get hurt You better kill me now I was only kidding No please, I didn't mean it! You better apologize Man, you m m m m m my sneakers I don't believe this I will really bust yo' ass Who do you think you are? You're not my mommy Curse me! O that's real bad man!
  6. i just tried it on my computer and my friend went on a website and it had things that u could download and it had a mode were the closed tunnel was opened and u could go 2 ghost town from there and there was another mode were u could make ghost solid and populated
  7. gta 1 london & 2 cost's 60 euro in ireland
  8. u can swim tv chanels create a charictar and choose what colour u want 2 want 2 change ur car 2 at pay n spray
  9. as a irishman i love soccer and pro evo
  10. so there i was flying to the observatory and i saw a street it's the street at the start where u do the bank robbery http___www.gtadiscussion.com_uploads_post_61_1072383726.ipg
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