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  1. OK, IT'S OFFICIALLY THE 29TH APRIL!!! Where's my game Royal Mail??? The fact that it's 20 minutes past midnight is NO excuse!!!!!!!!!!! Shoddy service!!! lol
  2. That gameplay just looked outstanding!!! In the multiplayer section where the guy infront got blown away by a rocket a flew back past the guy behind!!! That was just awsome!!!!
  3. "The creature that could do this doesn't have a soul." What a great line. The story to this is gonna be so integral. Really deep. I can't wait. I think it's the first ever GTA where there's been a sense of "remorse" associated with the main character.
  4. Absolutely spot on. Also, take a look at the actual advertisments. There is nothing that says what GTA IV actually is. There's just pictures of guys standing infront of a police line up screen. And the woman sucking a lollypop... well there's more provocative advertising used for perfumes and clothing than that billboard. The fact is, for the adverts to have any "influence" on kids, kids would have to know what the game is in the first place. And if they know what the game is in the first place, the advertising comes AFTER their existing knowledge. This is just government trying to control everyone and everything.
  5. 29 hours of speaking parts alone. They've really gone all out with this game. Ever new piece of information adds more and more depth to it. I'm going outta my mind waiting for the 29th!!!
  6. Can't blame them for trying, GTAIV is estimated to sell 100 million copies, priced at 60$ each, making about 4 billion dollars (after taxes, production costs, covering salaries of those who worked on it for 4-5 years and taxes and other stuff). You can't blame them, but EA were offering them $2billion. If what you say about $4billion dollars is right (if that's $4billion AFTER expenditures/tax etc, that's amazin!!), then they offered 50% of the earning potential for just ONE of their games!! Not a chance they'd sell. Also, the interviews sound wicked. They sound like it's just such a fun game to play and the level of detail they described is just awsome. ROLE ON 29TH APRIL!! Best £40 i ever spent!!
  7. I just love the fact that EA actually thought that Take-two would sell their business, and hence one of the biggest games EVER!!! Gotta luv em for trying!!!
  8. Correction....some people pay for some themes on the "other" console. but the vast majority are free.
  9. I got a pretty cool number! 13365! Sounds kinda appropriate, like you'd hear it called out by a prison guard!! 1-3-3-6-5 STEP FORWARD!! LOL
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