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  1. the very sexy and very sleek Audi R8 and Lambo Reventón is coming soon for San Andreas
  2. i have nearly finished making two 1930s hot rods anyone want them contact me
  3. why not use the code for the pc version "rocketman" or "yecgaa"
  4. i am posting another one in a bit more of SEXY Hayden Panettiere
  5. i know it is off the topic but she is so sexy does anyone agree
  6. does anyone know how long it takes for the gta place to approve your mods
  7. does anyone know how to take screen screenshots on san andreas:D
  8. all you need to do is have SAMI and type this in or copy and paste it ( C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\GTA San Andreas ) and then for installing the car just go to mod location and look for the file called bugatti_eb_16-4_veyron_concept or something similar have a great time driving this piece of art
  9. hey i have a Bugatti Veyron guys feel free to download it (RAR file) bugatti_eb_16_4_veyron_concept.rar
  10. Not sure if this is the right spot to post, but I was wondering if someone can make this car for me. This was the only picture I could get for it. Thanks!
  11. my san andreas is messed up the market street station is flooded!!! my san andreas is messed up the market street station is flooded
  12. why every time i install a car on SAMI to san andreas when i install a car say a BMW M5 when i install it always say the name of the of the car it replaced which is the Sultan i need help
  13. I really want to know how to install mods 4 pc san andreas to ps2 san andreas it would really help
  14. thank but it looks like iv alredy bin beaten! http://gtagb.com but i found a Taxi, i still need loads though Bus, vans Peds what about a lotus exige s
  15. totally off the subject but does anyone think Hayden panettiere is sexy
  16. where the hell is that guy with the concrete on his feet
  17. i am getting really pi***d of with my game because there is an underground flood in market station and i am on the mission were u follow that guy and then shoot him but every time he gets out of the train he drowns i really need help
  18. what about a Lotus Exige s that would be cool
  19. have u found the vice city maps and the san andreas fault line in this game
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