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  1. Please delete everything except for; GTA3HDVEHICLES Tri-Pack III GTA3HDVEHICLES Tri-Pack SA HDGTA4 BETA Pack #1
  2. could an admin go to my mods and delete all of them EXCEPT for HDGTA4 BETA Pack #1, HD Kuruma For GTA4 and HD Hermes For GTA4? I want to reupload the full pack in a few days and dont want all the other downloads confusing people.
  3. I added my mod to the wrong category, its the only part I cant change, can someone put it in gta4/vehicles for me? http://www.thegtaplace.com/downloads/f4870-hd-hermes-for-gta4
  4. Everyone here complains about GTAF but the truth is most of you are here cause you were banned there And yeah the server on GTAF has failed like a hundred times, theres no reason to believe that its dead.
  5. Thanks for asking to use my stuff ASSHOLE
  6. Oh cool, I just found myself on there for some orientiering thing I did in 2000.
  7. I still remember when it was a beta. Those were the days. Well not really, the web was shit back then, plus I only had netscape.
  8. Most people have no self control and cannot handle drugs. Legalizing them would cause all sorts of shit, idiots are everywhere, and instead of getting drunk and beating people up theyd get into harder drugs and it would be even worse.
  9. I uploaded this mod http://www.thegtaplace.com/downloads/file.php?id=2976 into the wrong category and the category is the only thing that you cant change in file management for some reason, you cant delete mods either, anyway to fix this?
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