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  1. How longdid it take you to make the list
  2. Did hippyism not spill over into the 70's.
  3. Well how bout if you fall of the edge you zoom back to the edge of the water again.
  4. You should'nt be able to do anything that the game can't handle.
  5. How can anybody find swimming around for nothing fun.
  6. Maybe but it ud be too hard to find packages.
  7. Mine don't get stuck. Maybe coz i'm running the double pack. i could try and take a pic with my digital camera for you but it won't be very good quality from the t.v screen.
  8. No a news station with crazy news like ''a hoard of flesh eating monkeys have escaped from the zoo and are currently chewing there way through downtown''. that would be funny.
  9. I don't see it on ps2 because it would take up too much space on the disc. it would be cool on pc tho
  10. Ther is always somebody trying to spoil our fun.
  11. It don't have to be a boat you can jump on a car or on a golf cart and they do the same.
  12. Sorry cc never thought of that. Swimming would be cool if you got eaten by sharks.
  13. They better keep the chat show and the comedy aspect of it.
  14. Its a good idea but i see one problem. At the beginning of the game people could swim to the second island and that would cause problems. And an invisable wall would take away the effect of gta.
  15. I hate the haitians with a passion because they are very very angry people. My favourite gang is tonny vercetti's gang because they don't fight back.
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