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  1. Today, three Vietnamese kids ran past my house. Then they were chillin outside of my house! So I went in my room, loaded up my bb gun, and grabed a couple of blackcats(fireworks). Then I light them up and threw them at them. Once they started running away from the fireworks exploding right in there faces, I took a few shoots at each of them with my bb gun. Then I yelled "That will teach you to gently caress with Americans!" It was quite fun.
  2. I say we kill all responsible... Anyway I dont think my dads gonna give a shit, but my mom might have a heart attack.
  3. Come on, gotta give it up to the D-O-GG! Hes been around for a while, and still givin us good music to listen to.
  4. I may join and post around If I find time. Im a very busy person.
  5. I like this one the best. The last one was ok, but this one is much better.
  6. Okay, now tell me how to make those rotate. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I dont know, maybe not even bother with it. It dosent take to much effort to turn your phone around.
  7. Oh, now I see. And that makes it look even weirder. It be nice to have a LCD screen instead of thouse four numbers.
  8. Looks more weird then cool. Whats the numbers on the front of the phone for?
  9. Den Martin and Frank Sinatra- Thats Amore I like to listen to a lot of genres of music.
  10. Avatar: Ok, I think its from digimon? Sig: Awsome, 10/10. Gen makes the best sigs. Personalty: Some kid in the ARR, I hope I get to know him.
  11. OMG I shit my self Im so scared.
  12. Uh, can someone please explain to me what it is, and why its scary?
  13. I would, but I still dont know what GTAWH stands for, and dont know the url.
  14. I may join and post around if I have some time. And whats GTAWH, I never heard of that forum.
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