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  1. Hah, a brilliant attack on the whole Creationism/Evolutionism argument. The thing I notice about America is it seems any politician can get away with anything just by saying that God supports my actions. "Teach our children Intelligent Design - It's what God wants. I know this because it's what I want, and I believe in God, so everything I say is right."
  2. I might rewrite the Vercetti gang, because, um, well, gently caress SUBTLETY! I'M GOING TO PLUG MY FANFIC! Click the link in my sig. Oh, and while we're reminiscing (sp?), I have only one word to say about the beginning of the forums: Tondi. Let's see how many people know what that's about.
  3. So pyro joins me in the ranks of people who used to be stupidly active but now only show up from time to time. Why the username change?
  4. You see me? Where? I make about one post a month. See y'all in a month's time!
  5. Or, how about this? Become competent at playing videogames! That way you don't have to use cheats! That way you don't have to worry about anything! Plus, achieving the elusive goal of 100% completion actually counts for something! It's win-win! EDIT: 500 posts! Plus over 1000 posts on the old forums! I need to get out more...
  6. I'm gonna post mine as an attachment because I'm a lazy shit. Plus all the hi-res photos in this thread are breaking the page. The picture in the background is pretty boring, it's a holiday snap (that's my silhouette in the bottom left corner), but my desktop is cluttered with all kinds of crap that I really ought to organise into folders. I'll leave you to guess what all the things with wierd file names are. Edit: Stupid space-wasting PNG files. Attachment working now (I hope.) Edito Numero Dos: My desktop doesn't really look that shit. That's just poor GIF-compression. Them oral of this story? PNGs suck, and so do GIFs. Images suck.
  7. I've heard of Without a Trace, they show it on UK tv but I've never watched it. TV sucks. There are basically only 2 shows which I watch regularly (Lost and 24) and a couple which I watch occasionally (Malcolm in the Middle, Futurama). Sky Plus rocks, though. You never have to watch adverts! This would be especially useful in the US where they have 4 advert breaks in one episode of Friends. I thought we had too many adverts here in England, but that's just frolicking ridiculous.
  8. I posted this review on another site, and I figured I'd post it here too, because I'm a total attention whore and want my work to be read. Anyway, this is a review of 'Lost', a show which has only just started airing in England, but I think the series has already concluded across the Atlantic in the land of stupid 2-pin plugs that don't fit into the plug socket properly and always feel like they're about to fall out. How do you Yanks buy so much consumer electronics and put up with such an inferior plug design? What? Oh yeah, the review. Normally I'd rather stick my head into a pit of lava than watch anything on Channel 4 or 5, but watching their new show 'Lost' I was shocked to see that Channel 4 is finally showing something that doesn't suck. More than that - 'Lost' is frolicking awesome. I'd never have expected a channel so crap to show something so good. It's like if MTV started showing Led Zeppelin - only that's never going to happen, because MTV sucks, unless you like to watch shit like 'Cribs'. 'Ooh, she has such a nice house, I want to become a singer so I can live somewhere like that'. Newsflash: singing ability has nothing to do with becoming a singer. You just need good looks and breast implants. Anyway, back to the review: The first episode of Lost is triple-length, and in those first 3 hours, we see a plane crashing, angry chain smokers shooting polar bears, pregnant women getting kicked in the stomach, guys getting sucked into jet turbines, mangled bodies being found in treetops, and giant monsters tearing up forests. Do I need to say anything else? This show is clearly the best thing to hit TV since 24. As for the plot, the story goes like this: A plane crashes on a tropical island. The survivors try to live on this island while they wait for rescue, but it soon becomes very clear that something on this island is not right. This show rocks.
  9. Hey, it's me. I could talk for hours about how stupid age ratings are, but i won't. The simpl etruth of the matter is that age ratings make minimal dfference in how accessable games are to children. My parents wouldn't let me buy SA after my idiot little brother went on a rampage in VC with my mum in the room, so I just bought if off a friend for £20. I play it and my paretns assume its VC. But anyway, read this article. It bascially sums up how stupid this whole affair is.
  10. School where you board. Rich kids only.
  11. Can't use my PS2 at boarding school.
  12. Hi there, its me, CC17, back from the dead to post one topic, get what he's looking for, then not be heard from again for months. San Andreas=good game. My Laptop=good laptop. Put them together, gaming nirvana. One problem. The laptop's a Mac. Is SA out on mac, where can i get it if it is, if not is it planned to come out, etc., etc.,? P.S. Anyone who decides to be extremely witty and funny and post 'LOLZOR JUST GET A NEW LAPTOP' is a retard.
  13. Thanks, appreciated. I'll PM it to you.
  14. Or maybe have been on the forums since the times of tondi and have had over 1000 posts on the old forums and almost 500 on these?
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