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    That leet forum(gay name I know)

    I checked out leet and it doesnt have a long ass download time for anything like this site does. But its small and doesnt have many members. But it does have great moderator oppurtunities

    Name Change Auction

    2,500 duggets.


    Of course I wouldn't. But those dudes would get a different job then, such as programing in C++ or Java or something. Or hell, they could benefit the entire human race by creating all of those cracks to get expensive software for free.
  4. A good skin for me would be of one that looks like snakeskin. Looks like means not exactly like it(only if you want it to) it means similar to it.

    TheGTAPlace horror

    I wouldn't lose trust in him. It would be funny as hell if he made the site have some gay ass skin for a day or something.

    Applied X Skin

    I love this new skin. Its cool, and to the person that said they didn't like it:

    TheGTAPlace horror

    Make more "horror stories" like this one. This one was funny as hell. What else could you do with File Transfer Protocol access? You could pretty much edit the entire html set up of the site.
  8. Well then, I just said change the font and I *suggested* the SA font, so you have more choices. Edited for smartass comment: Thats why I said "or something."

    I'm backkkk

    I do know a lot. That's why when I have a question I will try and ask you first because you seem like your promt with your responses and you are.
  10. GTA4LIFE

    Post your desktop

    Fools. I did that just for a joke. That really is'nt how my desktop looks now. Now it has a van halen background on it like it always has. Oh yeah, gently caress you. You jealous gently caress. I've had bad luck my WHOLE life and this is the best thing thats ever happened to me. I'm not going to let some PMS-ing asshole such as yourself ruin it by poking fun at me.
  11. I know that gtaplace has just undergone a skin change, but I think that it needs to have a complete makeover. Especially the text in this forum. It's a bit old. It needs to be made to look like the font in San Andreas or something.
  12. GTA4LIFE

    X-Cad for free

    Is'nt X-CAD an architectural drawing/modeling software? I think it is because I have something like that in the Architectural Drawing classes I have at my school.
  13. GTA4LIFE

    mvi or muad'dib, your choice

    Keep it the same because your name, as it stands now, sounds like you are a person to be reckoned with.
  14. GTA4LIFE

    I'm on Linux :)

    I've seen screen shots of Longhorn and all they are of is a "dumbass-i-fied" version of XP. Plus MS will come out with like 5 versions of Longhorn before the BIG OS of 2010 will come out. So don't waste your money.
  15. GTA4LIFE

    I'm on Linux :)

    I use KNOPPIX and it's very fast. I would switch to it(I could buy a new hard drive and copy all the files off of the KNOPPIX cd in which case it would become Debian Linux) but none of the games today work on it. Mostly because those Microsoft assholes don't want Open Source stuff to dominate the market(which it is, Firefox is an excellent example). I could use WINE(the Microsoft OS Emulator for Linux) and it works very well on emulators for Sega Genesis and stuff like that, but it doesn't work on games like San Andreas because I think I need KNOPPIX installed on a hard drive so it can create dlls and stuff I don't know. My opinion on Microsoft: Shit-can it.
  16. GTA4LIFE

    Post your desktop

    Heres mine. Its got a picture of some hot chick that I IM all the time tiled accross my desktop(Ive changed it, but this one is still cool though): Edited for smartass comment: When she showed me that picture, it gave me a boner that took a record breaking 2 hours(without touching it at all) for it to go down.
  17. GTA4LIFE

    Favorite old time rock band

    AC/DC is cool. They can make ANY song a rock song.
  18. GTA4LIFE

    Favorite Music Vidio

    So many videos to choose from, damn. I guess its split even between Petey Pablos Freak A Leek, and Angry Chair by Alice In Chains.
  19. GTA4LIFE

    Sex is cool now rite?

    I agree with Spaz on that one. Curiosity does lead to exploration.
  20. GTA4LIFE

    Which Processor Company is the best?

    No shit they are cheaper. They usually are. They always are in my opinion. Thats why I love AMD's processors.
  21. GTA4LIFE

    A Signature's Shop

    Haha. What a dumbass. He deserved it.
  22. GTA4LIFE

    the gtaplace quizes

    Yeah, those quizes are bullshit. I know for a fact that I got them all correct. gently caress you Bryce.
  23. GTA4LIFE


    Haha Spaz, hate to have your parents(overprotective ones that is; nothing against your parents personally). Anyway I just got this stupid ass IM yesterday at like 1 AM in the frolicking morning. Stupid asshole('s). I hope all of the virus and malicious code writers/makers out there burn in allegorical hell.
  24. GTA4LIFE

    TheGTAPlace horror

    Good one. How come I never thought of that one before?
  25. GTA4LIFE

    What is your favorite type of music

    I like rock and almost all of it's variants because they are the only thing you can headbang to.