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  1. dam997

    GTA Chinatown Wars to have online?

    what if the game does have WI-Fi... it would be nice to play with other people, but alot of people dont have internet. than it would be pointless to have a Wi-Fi game if you cant get on the internet and play with other people. than people would get board and not play the game. than the people will tell there friends, and less and less people will buy the game. that will lead to a loss in money. than Rockstar will need to tell people that the game is better than it looks. i have a DS, and i dont like the graphics in the games. How will the new gta game impress me?? if you can anwser that i will be happy...
  2. dam997

    easiest mission

    the first mission is the easest for me...
  3. dam997

    a mission with catalina

    i beat it thanks
  4. dam997


    use the rino.
  5. dam997

    no sound?

    maybe you should get diffrent speekers.
  6. dam997

    CJ in GTA4

    how can cj be in gta4. it cant be possible
  7. dam997

    playing GTA SA porblem

    maybe you might have to get a new graphix card.
  8. dam997

    a mission with catalina

    the tanker part im failing
  9. dam997

    Police Helicopters

    me and my buddy have never notioced that!!! thanks for the tip!
  10. i am having trouble with a mission. its the one where you go and rob the gas station and so on! any help?
  11. dam997

    Liberty City Stories Trivia V2

    at the begining of the game, what was the first thing you had to do?
  12. dam997

    the game

    i dont have the game right now, but i am going to soon. ive played it. but i got a question... my question is, what is the easists way to find a remingtion? my buddy needs one and he cant find one.
  13. dam997


    can someone find out how big the file for the cheatdivice for me? Thanks
  14. dam997


    is it on psp or ps2?