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  1. maccer

    Official Formula 1 thread

    appearenlty hamilton made 1 bill this season shumi didnt make that in his carrear but hamiltion is overated and i think glock did let him pass on the 1st lap on dry tires in wet he lost only 12 seconds but on last lap he lost 34 seconds hmmm i dunno but shumi is the best ever i dont think anyone will beat 7 world titles
  2. maccer

    Official Xbox Discussion

    plz help chris or someone
  3. maccer

    Post your top 5 games!

    gta sa halo3 cod4 fifa09 gt4
  4. maccer

    What are you currently playing?

  5. maccer

    Post pics of your car

    i got a 3 liter twin turbo escort cossie rebuilt red close to 450 bhp it will do 0-62 in under 5 secs
  6. maccer

    Your Games Collection

    ps2 all gran turismo all gta toca 1 and 2 mafia all fifa pro evo 2 3 4 5 6 nba 2k7 tekken 3 the sims 1 2 resident evil (carnt remember witch 1) nfs most wanted ,carbon tiger woods 04 05 06 xbox 360 halo3 fifa 08 09 cod4 brothers in arms hh tiger woods 09 gta iv pro evo 6 forza 2 viva pniata splinter cell double agent deasd rising gears of war 1 2 lost planet svr 2007 2008 football manager 2007 pgr 3 4
  7. maccer

    Official Xbox Discussion

    help me plz it sais dns fail on test xbox live its on auto and i need help so i can kick ur asses at halo3
  8. maccer

    Grand Theft Auto: SA Trivia!

    my pants lmao no erm las payadas sorry about spelling where is the 43 tag in los santos
  9. maccer

    Grand Theft Auto: SA Trivia!

    u can through a mission or through black hell or modding ur game in the cutscene for riot who is with cj in maddogs house wathcing tv
  10. maccer

    Grand Theft Auto: SA Trivia!

    officer pendleburry where can u find the 12 oyster
  11. maccer

    Grand Theft Auto: SA Trivia!

    im bored of ppl puttin easy and dumb questions what every1 know and the answer to my question was dan cochrane after the cochrane dam and chris mullholland after the mullholland intersection check the credits if u dont belive me
  12. maccer

    Grand Theft Auto: SA Trivia!

    isnt it because he is trying to blackmail tenpenny with leaking C.R.A.S.H erm 2 of the designers of sa have place in sa named after them what are these and the editors names haha a toughie
  13. well i never new :weird: