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  1. Comrade Gangster

    My GTA4 Opinions (Spoilers)

    Ask me nicely mr mod hitler. Start an argument... Get an argument. Edit: (btw, go ahead and ban me. My dynamic IP laughs at hitler mods.)
  2. Comrade Gangster

    My GTA4 Opinions (Spoilers)

    It's an OPEN-ENDED sandbox game Mr. Fact. It was designed to be played missions or not. I still boot up Vice City and play it. That makes it the longest game of the entire series to me. Fact.
  3. Highlight here to get helicopter ->
  4. Comrade Gangster

    My GTA4 Opinions (Spoilers)

    Red is the best color. (And if you don't know why I said that, and you think I am stupid. You probably post opinions like the one quoted above without anything to back it up just like he did.)
  5. Comrade Gangster

    Kotaku compare PS3 and 360 versions

    It's like I've always said. Get the one you want. Sony fan? Get the PS3, MS fan? Get the Xbox, Nintendo fan? Get the Wii... In the end they are all fun for different reasons and feeling bad because game x came out on one console but not yours isn't worth the energy. While you're looking over the fence at the other console's games you're just missing out on playing all the cool games on the console you own.
  6. Comrade Gangster

    Saving Cars

    Not only do they get repaired, but they get washed, too. You just have to shut off the console. When you come back they will be fixed and washed.
  7. Comrade Gangster

    Smart Shoes

    No. Not all of the $200 shoes from Perseus work. For example, the wingtips do not.
  8. reply... but, the real reason was yea...
  9. Comrade Gangster

    Smart Shoes

    The black loafers work.
  10. Comrade Gangster

    Does Rockstar Favor X-Box?

    The point of the post was this... 360 sales in USA by itself as of Jan 1 08 = 9,150,000 > 8,307,629 all console sales in Japan put together as of March 30, 08. In other words, Japan's console market is less than 15% of world sales. Bringing it up as a example of sales is pointless. It's like saying coke is better than pepsi because it has a 85% market share in Atlanta, even though Atlanta may only represent 10% of Coke and Pepsi sales in the USA. Submarket numbers cannot define a best seller.
  11. Comrade Gangster

    Does Rockstar Favor X-Box?

    Also notice that all console sales of the big three in Japan don't even measure up to just Xbox sales in the US. And that's comparing Jan 1st US sales to March 30th sales in Japan, a 3 month 'gimme' to the Japanese market. Why people bring up the tiny little Japanese console market to back up their fanboism is just laughable. To reiterate I dont care which console wins, I just hate fanboism.
  12. Nice... I knew I didn't like X.
  13. Comrade Gangster

    Locs, Specs, Ozzies, Shades... Sun Glasses!

    Yea I found those. When you buy them she says "straight from bulgaria" I can believe it, now I need to find some oakleys or something. I did buy the russian soldier hat. LAWL. I love doing crime in that stupid thing.
  14. Comrade Gangster

    New Features (SPOILERS)

    ... Well I've been watching the TV and saw this funny cartoon with a purple whale alien...hilarious. If you see it, WATCH IT!!! That is the Republican Space Rangers.
  15. I killed Playboy X as well. I suppose I could try and say it was because but, the real reason was