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  1. I chose to close it down, for a variety of reasons. For a period of about 6 weeks or so I did have a big message up on the site urging people to download a backup of their images as after this they would be gone forever. Sorry you didn't see that.


    The majority of good users of it were infrequent at best. Much of the frequent usage became hosting for random pornographic images. Basically I didn't want to be associated with it any more. It was never a very good image hosting site anyway, it was simpler than the likes of Imageshack, but it could never compete with today's giants like Imgur, which offers far superior image hosting to anywhere else. In addition to this, because of the type of content it had and the traffic coming from mostly third world countries, it was not economically viable for me to run. I was not able to earn any income from it which meant it was literally wasting my money away on the storage/bandwidth just so random people in third world countries could host some porn.


    So yeah I'm afraid it's gone for good. I did keep a full backup of the site for about a month or two after I shut it down, in case something like this happened, but I've since deleted that as no one ever brought it up. You are too late I'm afraid.

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  2. GTA Online has another free update on the way, perhaps as soon as tomorrow according to Rockstar. The two major additions arriving in this upcoming title update are a beta version of the content creator which will allow us to make our own deathmatches and races, as well as a new Capture game mode, Rockstar's own take on the popular 'Capture the Flag' game mode seen in most FPS games.
    Judging by comments on the Newswire and social media, the only thing anyone cares about any more are heists. If you're one of those people, then unfortunately for you Rockstar didn't really say much about them, other than the fact they're still in development and we'll hear more about them in the new year. One other thing that was mentioned is "major additions" to the single player story mode, so that should please those of you who perhaps haven't really got into GTA Online, but did enjoy the story. Again that's something that will be coming in 2014, presumably after online heists are released.
    Here's an excerpt from the Newswire explaining these new additions:

    Deathmatch & Race Creators Beta
    This week, we will give you the first chance to build your own content in GTA Online (and play content others have made) with the release of the Deathmatch & Race Creators Beta. With access to some of the same tools as our own game design and development team, you can craft your own custom blood-soaked gunfights, high-octane street races, screaming jet dogfights and more. You’ll also be able to publish your original Deathmatches and Races via the Rockstar Games Social Club for the whole community to discover, download, play, rate and share. Players can create and customize Jobs for the following modes:

    • Deathmatch 
    • Team Deathmatch
    • Race
    • GTA Race
    • Rally Race

    Lift the goods from your rivals, then make a clean break for your home base in the all new free Capture mode and Jobs update coming this month to GTA Online.

    We’re planning on regularly reviewing some of the best community-created content to recognize and distinguish them as Rockstar Verified Jobs, shared out to the entire GTA Online community. The Deathmatch and Race Creators will come to you via a free update, and you’ll need to have a Social Club account that is linked to your Xbox Live Gamertag or PlayStation Network ID to use them. The Creators are in Beta so please help us iron out any flaws and bugs via the GTA Online email address.
    We expect the Creators Beta to become available as soon as tomorrow, December 10th. Look for an official release announcement here at the Newswire. 


    The hunter and the hunted – the entire open world is your battleground as you war against enemy teams for coveted contraband in Capture mode.

    Also in December, we will introduce possibly our favorite competitive team mode, Capture. A proper GTA twist on classic capture the flag, Capture mode brings territory infiltration and a new form of team-versus-team treachery into GTA Online. Up to four squads battle to steal contraband, trucks, buses or whatever from opponents' bases using high-speed vehicles, explosive weaponry and cunning teamwork. Craft, cooperation and team tactics are key. The free Capture update will bring a host of new jobs to GTA Online, accessible via the open world and also directly through your phone.  Capture is broken down into four variations - ‘Raid’, ‘Contend’, ‘Hold’ and ‘GTA’ – we will give you full details on each of these next week.

    Coming in 2014
    Expect big things in both Grand Theft Auto Online and Grand Theft Auto V next year including:
    GTA Online Heists. We know many of you in the GTA Online community are super excited for the debut of co-operative Heists. Heists are currently in development and we are working very hard to get them as polished and as fun as they can be. Stay tuned for much more detail in the New Year.
    GTAV Story Mode Updates. For those ready to jump back into the story of Grand Theft Auto V, we have big plans for substantial additions in 2014 continuing Michael, Franklin and Trevor's action, mayhem and unexpected adventures in Southern San Andreas.
  3. actual_1385081357.jpg


    Wow, bet some of you never expected this! Many thought that the sheer size and scale of 2004's GTA: San Andreas (in comparison to GTA III and Vice City) would mean that it would be unlikely that we ever saw a release to follow its predecessors on iOS and Android. But today, Rockstar have announced that the game that some describe as the best of that decade, will indeed be coming to select iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices in December.

    Before GTAV took us to the sun-bleached sidewalks and humming concrete freeways of present-day Los Santos and beyond, there was Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, the biggest GTA of the PS2 era. Now, head back to the early 90s with CJ and the Grove Street Families when Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas comes to mobile devices next month.
    Encompassing Los Santos, San Fierro, Las Venturas and everything in between, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas has been upgraded for its mobile release. Newly remastered graphics including dynamic and detailed shadows, greater draw distance, an enriched color palette, plus enhanced character and car models make this the best-looking version of San Andreas yet.
    Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas also features brand new touch controls including contextual control options to display buttons only when you need them and three different control schemes for driving and maneuvering, as well as a reworked checkpoint system for easier progression. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for mobile also comes equipped with full controller support, including Made for iOS controller capability on iOS7. It will be available for select iOS, Android, Amazon Kindle and Windows Mobile devices. Stay tuned for more details in the weeks ahead.

    Great to see iOS controller support being added too, that is sure to raise the profile of this new capability in iOS 7. We absolutely cannot wait to get our hands on this!

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  4. actual_1384451447.jpg


    The Beach Bum update for GTA Online is now available with the latest title update (1.06) available to both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 users. The title update also fixes a whole bunch of exploits and bugs in the game, and also offers some welcome improvements. Racers who regularly race 'Down The Drain' will be pleased to know that the cardboard boxes that would sometimes wreck your car causing you to lose the race have now been removed.
    Other welcome improvements include the fact that idiots driving their cars into your stationary tank will no longer be committing "insurance fraud" causing you to have to pay out money to them for destroying their car.
    Below are the full details of the update straight from Rockstar:

    The world of Grand Theft Auto Online gets even deeper with the Beach Bum update, now available on both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. In order to keep GTA Online flexible and constantly evolving, the game is built to receive new content in a variety of ways including major paid expansions at specific points across the year, dropping additional content via regular title updates, and even the instant and seamless addition of jobs via the Rockstar Social Club. The Beach Bum content comes via a free update to GTA Online and Grand Theft Auto V's Story Mode as part of the latest automatic Title Update (1.06), so just fire up your console to download it. Alongside additional game tuning (see details below), the Beach Bum update includes:

    Take on new Beach Bum Races with the BF Bifta dune buggy, the rugged Canis Kalahari off-road truck or the Bravado Paradise beach camper van. For aquatic-based endeavors, the classic Speeder speedboat is also now available. All four vehicles can also be accessed in Story Mode and are available at no in-game cost. To access them in GTA Online, just visit the southernsanandreassuperautos.com in-game website (or docktease.com for the Speeder).
    Also available in both Story Mode and Online (and at no additional in-game cost) are the new SNS Pistol & Broken Bottle - a pair of close range weapons perfect for any beach blanket brouhaha.
    This update also features a wide array of new apparel - everything from casual canvas hats to tank tops, t-shirts, board shorts and bikinis in a wide range of styles and colors... plus new hairstyle and tattoo customization options. 
    In conjunction with today's Beach Bum update, we're also adding 30 new Jobs to GTA Online today. This includes new beach-themed Races, Deathmatches, Parachutes, Last Team Standings and Gang Attacks, plus the beachfront "Survival on Del Perro Pier" and more.



    Along with the new Beach Bum update content, automatic Title Update 1.06 also includes a host of fixes and adjustments for Grand Theft Auto Online, which are listed here:
    • Fixed an issue where the game would delete your personal Vehicle if you have another player in it when you add a Tracker and Insurance.
    • Fixed an issue where players could become stuck on the aerial view when entering GTA Online with cloud servers down and having just launched a mini-game.
    • Fixed an issue where the mission 'Damaged Goods' would start even though it had previously been completed.
    • Fixed an issue where under rare circumstances players couldn't claim back their personal vehicle in GTA Online. 
    • Fixed an issue where under rare circumstances players were able to get the Declasse Sheriff SUV into Los Santos Customs and respray it causing the menus to malfunction.
    • Fixed an issue where in rare circumstances players would lose all personal vehicles after being idle kicked and unable to rejoin an online session.
    • Fixed an issue where players could occasionally get stuck after killing a pedestrian with a golf ball.
    • Corrected an exploit where players would retain their personal vehicle after selling it at Los Santos Customs mod shop by transitioning back and forth between Story Mode and Online.
    • Corrected an exploit where players could keep repeatedly selling a Bati 801 to Los Santos Customs.
    • Corrected an exploit where players were able to duplicate vehicles by accepting a Mission while leaving a high-end garage.
    • Corrected an exploit where a player could start a Team Deathmatch with all players on the same team.
    • Players are no longer able to delete their GTA Online character while the Rockstar cloud servers are unavailable.
    Players experiencing any remaining technical issues (or specific issues relating to this new Title Update) are encouraged to visit our support website and get in touch with a member of our support team for proper assistance. You can also hit them up at @RockstarSupport on Twitter.

    In tandem with today's Title Update, we've also completed a new round of dynamic tuning on the game. This includes changes to the Bad Sport system and continued balancing of rewards for all different types Jobs. Notable adjustments are listed below:
    • The Bad Sport penalty for destroying personal vehicles has been reduced significantly.
    • Players will no longer receive a Bad Sport penalty when they are in a non-moving tank and other players crash a vehicle into them.
    • The GTA$ and RP rewards for Races, Deathmatches and Parachuting are now based on the average time they take to complete.
    • Players now receive GTA$ and RP rewards when failing a cooperative Job or being a member of the losing team during a Versus Mission, depending on how long the Job / Mission lasts.
    • Players now receive a bonus GTA$ multiplier for Missions when played at the higher difficulty levels (Normal = 1.25, Hard = 1.5).
    • In Team Deathmatch, all players on a team now receive the same GTA$ and RP rewards, with the winning team getting roughly 4-5x what the losing team receives.
    • Removed some instances of debris in specific Races, including the cardboard from the 'Down the Drain' Race.
    • Deliveries from Pegasus have been reduced from $1,000 to $200.
    • The cost of removing a wanted level by calling Lester has now been scaled based on the amount of stars you have - at a cost of $200 per star.
    • Restricted cars and vehicles that have been added to player garages through exploits have been removed. This includes tanks, helicopters and police vehicles.
    • The following vehicles have been added to the southernsanandreassuperautos.com website in-game: BF Dune Buggy, Canis Bodhi, Karin Rebel, Maibatsu Sanchez 2, Vapid Sadler, Vapid Sandking SWB.
    • To eliminate any remaining vehicle loss issues, an additional automatic cloud save will occur when purchasing a vehicle or vehicle modification.
    As we continue to tune and adjust the evolving Grand Theft Auto Online player experience in the weeks and months ahead, we ask that you keep sending us your feedback - just fire over an email to [email protected] and tell us what you'd like to see implemented in future updates.


    Let us know in the comments if the changes have improved GTA Online for you.

  5. Rockstar have finally announced that the free Beach Bum update coming to GTA Online will hit your consoles next week on Tuesday, 19th November. The update brings two new weapons, four new vehicles, loads of new jobs, and plenty more apparel, hairstyles and tattoos.
    You can read Rockstar's summary of all the new content below:


    Get ready to hit the beach with all new Jobs with the Beach Bum update for Grand Theft Auto Online, coming November 19th.


    New Jobs

    The Beach Bum update will bring a slew of new action-packed Jobs to GTA Online next week. These include new beach-themed Races, Deathmatches, Parachutes, Last Team Standings, Survivals as well as Gang Attacks for those who enjoy a good territorial skirmish.


     Better not kick sand in the wrong face. Beach blankets may run red by the time the sun sets on Vespucci.

    Here are just a few of our favorite new ones that are on the way:
    • "Grass Route II" (Race): In this sequel to the original popular Grass Route Race, go off-road in an epic heat starting on the North bank of the Zancudo River through the treacherous wetlands with a triumphant finish on the beach in North Chumash.
    • "Survival on Del Perro Pier" (Survival): Skip the ferris wheel for a deadlier kind of thrill ride as you take on waves of relentless enemies at this beachfront attraction.
    • "View of Vespucci" (Parachuting): This leap sends you from 2,980 feet, down towards Vespucci Beach, weaving through palm trees to land on the basketball courts of the rec center. If you've got skills, it's possible to freefall through the first few checkpoints before even opening your chute.
    • "Paleto Beach" (Team Deathmatch): The locals complain that not a lot happens in this sleepy town, so do them a favor and wake 'em up with a barrage of gunfire exchanged between you and a rival team. This Team Deathmatch takes place right on the romantic shoreline for 4-8 players.
    • "Sundae Driving" (Bike Race): Sure to be a new fan-favorite motorbike race, menace Vespucci Beach on your two-wheel rocket, taking breakneck corners as you try and best the competition.
    Expect these and lots more Jobs to be added to Grand Theft Auto Online next week.

    New Vehicles
    Hit the shore with four sand-and-surf-ready vehicles perfect to take on the all new Beach Bum Races and Vehicle Deathmatches: the BF Bifta dune buggy, the rugged Canis Kalahari off-road truck, the Bravado Paradise beach camper van and making a special return to the GTA series, the fast and stylish Speeder speedboat. All four vehicles will be available at no in-game cost, with the land-based vehicles accessible from the southernsanandreassuperautos.com website and the Speeder available via docktease.com on your in-game phone (call Pegasus for delivery). These vehicles are also available in Story Mode for Michael, Trevor and Franklin to enjoy - to access them, visit your garage property and the Marina property for the vehicles and the boat respectively.

    Take to the seas and waterways in the classic, nimble Speeder.

    New Weapons
    Expand your arsenal with two new free weapons - the compact yet deadly SNS Pistol and the brutal new Broken Bottle melee weapon which is quite effective at delivering the appropriate message in up close and personal encounters. Each weapon will be available gratis from any Ammu-Nation location in GTA Online and will be added straight into each of the three characters' inventory in Story Mode.

    Beach bums with attitude. Hit the coast with all new customization options to style up your GTA Online character.

    New Customization Options
    You'll be able to deck out your GTA Online character with all new beach-ready customization options including stylish board shorts, neon surfer attire, wild tribal tattoos, shaggy hair for that West Coast laissez-faire vibe and more...


    Rockstar have also confirmed that new updates will be coming for Story Mode, as well as the previous announced GTA Online updates including the content creator, heists, and capture the flag mode.

    Finally, Rockstar released a couple of new wallpapers! See more on our GTAV artwork page.


    v_amanda_th.jpg v_michael_sweatshop_th.jpg

  6. Ever since the release of GTA III and the Insane Stunt Bonuses that could be achieved by completing certain jumps, people have been wanting to perform bigger and bigger stunts. The late Odie helped things along with his great little stunt park mod, while the inclusion of motorcycles in Vice City propelled the scene forward leaps and bounds. I even made a couple of videos myself before stunting really got popular (by today's standards they are both absolutely awful, but show just how far stunting has come since then).
    GTA V has been out for 6 weeks now, and this has been ample time for stunters to familiarise themselves with the map, find some cool spots, and get used to using and hopefully not abusing Franklin's special ability, or not even using it at all to really impress. A few early videos set the bar fairly low, and more recent videos are now coming out looking pretty impressive. Without further ado, here's a roundup of some of the first and best stunt videos that have been made so far.

    First up we have couple of great videos that were emailed into us from the Nomad Union crew:




    Next up is a stunt montage from Ben Buja, whose name you may recognise from his many GTA IV stunt and blooper reels:

    Ben Buja's Stunt Montage

    This one is from Dejv, returning to the scene after a two year break:


    Dejv comeback stunt montage

    And finally one from SyperDimon:


    GTA 5 Stunts (SD) (2)

    If you want more, here's some links to other nice videos that have been released:

    We'd like to post about community creations like these more often. So if you've created a stunt video, or anything else cool using GTA V be sure to let us know about it and if we like it we'll include it in our next post.

  7. actual_1383074612.jpg

    Rockstar have announced the first Snapmatic photo contest for GTAV, where you have a chance to win a Grand Theft Auto V prize pack that includes an iFruit phone case and phone decals plus an official GTAV tee and the sought-after Chop stash stuffed animal.
    You have until Monday to get your entries in, Rockstar say they are looking for originality and inspiration, so be creative. All you need to do is tag any photos you want to enter with the #EpicPhotobomb hashtag, which you can do on the Social Club website. For full details on how to enter see the Newswire post.

    Snapmatic photo-sharing from your in-game iFruit phone in GTAV and GTA Online makes it a cinch to snap and share that picturesque view from the peak of Mount Chiliad, the fifty car pile-up you engineered on the road to Fort Zancudo or that wild fistfight you stumbled into between Piswasser'ed derelicts at the local 24-7. Of course, all it takes is the work of one photobomber to drastically alter the outcome of whatever you were trying to capture - this shark interrupting Franklin's peaceful moment at sea being the perfect example.



    Contest is void in certain countries and where prohibited. See www.rockstargames.com/socialclub/events for official rules and eligibility details.

  8. Rockstar released some new official artworks earlier today. Technically they're not new, but until now we didn't have high resolution official desktop wallpapers of these. First up is Chop standing guard after tearing up some Balla scum, while owner Franklin deals with the FIB using his Heavy Sniper.


    v_chop2_th.jpg v_franklinsniping_th.jpg


    See more on our GTAV Artwork page.

  9. Take Two released its second quarter 2014 earnings report today, in it they revealed that they've sold-in (shipped to retailers) 29 million units of GTA V so far in the first 6 weeks. To put things in perspective, this is more copies than GTA IV sold-in in its entire lifetime.
    The press release went on to mention more records, including those we posted about last month:

    We believe Grand Theft Auto V is the fastest-selling entertainment release in history, grossing over $ 800 million in retail sales during the first 24 hours after launch and over $ 1 billion in only three days. Grand Theft Auto V became available for digital download through the PlayStation Network on the day of release and became the biggest release ever on the platform. In addition, the Games on Demand release of the title on Xbox LIVE became the highest grossing day 1 and week 1 release in the platform’s history.

    For most games, breaking the 1 million sales figure is a HUGE achievement, for Rockstar this would have been an unmitigated disaster. Today's announcement means that GTAV is now placed 7th on the list of best-selling games of all time.


    Impressive stuff.

  10. Rockstar have finally released the free iFruit app for Android today. The delayed release comes 6 weeks after its iOS counterpart, and unsurprisingly because of this many fans are still angry and are venting their frustration with negative reviews. Many simply can't understand what has taken so long, saying the app is clearly a port of the iOS app (for whatever reason it does appear that Rockstar chose to ignore Android guidelines - we see the iOS tab bar in the screenshots too). A number also appear to be frustrated by the app crashing on start up, but these kind of reviews are common among Android apps, and may not be entirely Rockstar's fault.
    With many now having already finished the game, the iFruit app may offer little to no use now, with benefits such as training Chop somewhat pointless. Despite these criticisms, not everyone is unhappy. 5-star ratings are quickly coming in faster now and the rating is starting to look a little more healthy now. Remember you can also use the app to modify your cars in game, and get your personalised plate. You can also access the Social Club and stay up to date on LIfeInvader. iFruit is free on the Play Store and requires Android 3.0 or above, you'll also need around 250MB of free space on your device.


    GTA V Themes for PS3 and Xbox 360
    GTA V themes and avatars are now available to spice up your Xbox 360 Dashboard or PlayStation 3's XMB.

    The PSN Premium Theme ($ 1.99) has a rotating selection of the game's official artwork, including the trio pictured above as well 13 additional selections featuring Michael, Franklin, Trevor and a few of their friends, family and acquaintances. PS3 fans can also now pick up any one of these 10 new PSN Avatars for $ 0.49/£0.21/€0.25 each.


    Xbox 360 users can also theme their dashboard with background artwork of Blaine County, South Los Santos and Vinewood along with Friends slot vignettes of some notable locations like the Del Perro Pier, Paleto Forest and downtown Los Santos Ammu-Nation. This Xbox 360 dashboard theme is available for $ 2.99.

  11. GTAV_Beach_Bum_Screen_25-10.jpg

    In case you missed it, Rockstar have posted a quick update on the state of GTA Online, including the GTA$ Stimulus Package that was promised. Read below for details on upcoming features and additions.

    We know many of you are anxiously waiting for us to show you the GTA$ Stimulus Package money we announced a couple weeks back. As mentioned in that post, we of course want to ensure that game progress loss issues are sufficiently sorted before distributing the GTA$ to everyone. We have a few more tweaks and fixes to make in a new title update that will hit sometime next week and then we will distribute the cash.
    Coming in early November will be the first add-on content update, the Beach Bum Pack which will bring all-new beach themed vehicles and new weaponry that you’ll be able to use in both GTA Online and Story Mode. Plus new customization options for your GTA Online character including new tats, hairstyles and more. We’ll also be adding lots of brand new action-packed Jobs to play with Gang Attacks, Survivals, Last Team Standings, Parachutes, Deathmatches and Races that will have you bloodying up the waters and coastlines of the finest beach resorts across Los Santos and Blaine County.
    We are also working to bring you the debut of the first part of the GTA Online Content Creator this fall – giving players the ability to craft, publish, rate and play custom-made Deathmatch and Race Jobs. We’ll be keeping our eye open for exceptional ones that we’ll be stamping as ‘Rockstar Verified’ and will be featuring them here at the Newswire and as part of forthcoming GTA Online Social Club Events. Both the Content Creator and the Beach Bum Pack are free.
    Starting in November will be the first Grand Theft Auto Online Social Club Event weekends which will bring special rewards and bonuses ranging from limited-edition in-game Event Crate Drops to in-game discount specials and even a special new GTA Online live-stream show hosted by Rockstar at the Social Club Events page and Rockstar Games Twitch page – plus prize pack giveaways of hard to find GTAV gear and more.
    Stay tuned as we hope to have more information with more details and specific timings on these content updates as well as on GTA Online Heists and the new GTA Online Capture the Flag mode to share with you next week. We will also have initial details on more additional content coming for both Story Mode and GTA Online in the next few weeks.

  12. Yeah I'm surprised people are even asking this, I can't imagine anyone wanting to kill off either character, effectively losing a third of the game. If you like causing mayhem, Trevor and his ability are awesome. If you like driving, Franklin and his ability are awesome. Why would you want to kill either of these off and never be able to use them again without starting a new game?


    C is the best option.

  13. actual_1381450954v2.jpg


    As everyone is aware, the launch of GTA Online did not go as smoothly as we all hoped, thankfully though, Rockstar have been working around the clock to get all the issues straightened out. After three patches, things seem to be looking much, much better now, but by no means flawless.
    Today, Rockstar have announced that they will be giving everyone who has played GTA Online this month a free GTA$ 500,000 bonus to their account, as an apology for not being able to handle the sheer popularity of the game. To maintain some sort of balance in the game with this huge injection of cash to everyone, Rockstar will be making two deposits of GTA$ 250,000 spread over a couple of weeks. There will also be a fourth patch released to facilitate the receipt of these additional funds, as well as to fix a few remaining connectivity issues.

    • You must play or have played Grand Theft Auto Online at any time during the month of October 2013 in order to qualify for the GTA$ 500,000 deposit in your in-game bank account.
    • Players will first have to install a forthcoming GTAV title update which we expect to happen next week. That title update (1.04) is expected to fix the remaining instances of issues that have caused vehicle purchase loss and will also enable the functionality through which we’ll be providing this GTA$ stimulus cash to players.
    • We will announce at the Rockstar Newswire when each deposit is made.
    • Each of the two GTA$ 250,000 deposits will be made by Rockstar and should automatically appear in the in-game GTA Online bank accounts of eligible players. Beyond downloading the forthcoming title update mentioned above, there should not be any additional special action required by eligible players to redeem. 

    Full details on the Newswire.

  14. Rockstar have finally let us in on some more details for GTA Online, including the all important question: "when will we be able to play!?"
    A small patch will be rolling out on Xbox Live and PSN servers starting early morning in the US, that's from about 7 AM EST, so from 12 PM in the UK, early afternoon in the rest of Europe. Once this has been downloaded you should be able to access it. Remember you can jump into online by selecting the 4th (bottom quadrant) in your character selection wheel. Many people have been asking when GTA Online takes place, some were incorrectly told it follows on from GTA V, it doesn't, it is set before GTA V. Rockstar have now confirmed the events take place a few months before GTA V's story starts.
    There's a lot more information Rockstar have provided, which is quoted below.

    Home and Garage Security

    • There’s plenty of havoc and treachery you can cause out in the open world of course, but in order to prevent some really annoying “griefing”, we’ve designed house party invitations specifically to be a friendly social affair where players can visit each other’s pads without fear of having them ruined or losing their hard-earned vehicles in the process. If someone invites you into their property, then it is considered a friendly visit and you will not be able to shoot up their place or steal their cars from their garage. By the way, in any given lobby, if you and another player own the same piece of property, you will each be able to enter your own personal instance of that property at any given time. You will also be able to enter each other’s instance of that property if you exchange and accept an invite. This way, multiple instances of ownership of the same property within a lobby can co-exist.
    GTA$ and Fair Play
    • To allay some concerns we’ve heard on this subject, we can assure you that the game is designed such that the option of purchasable GTA$ should not disrupt the playing field – and there are a few mechanics in place to help ensure that. All players still have to rank up with Reputation Points (RP) in order to get access to purchase high-end items.  No one can begin GTA Online and simply spend a lot of money out of the gate to get a leg up. You will have to earn your stripes and play to unlock access to the aspirational clothes, guns and other items. Please also remember that in GTA Online, hustling to afford the finer things by earning GTA$ doing robberies, stick-ups, winning races and other profitable activities is a fun gameplay experience rather than ever being a ‘grind’. As we mentioned on Wednesday, we will constantly tweak all areas of the game to make it play fairer and iron out any balancing problems (while fixing all the other problems we encounter!), but we really need your help in figuring out what those issues are. So please work with us on that!
    An Ever-Growing Collection of Jobs
    • Grand Theft Auto Online is a long-term GTA experience that you can expect to be built-upon, to grow and to evolve in many ways in the coming weeks, months and beyond. As part of that, there will be a massive amount of Jobs available to play over time as we will be regularly adding new ones for you to enjoy. Additionally, you will soon be helping to add content to the game world yourselves, by creating custom Race and Deathmatch Jobs through the Content Creator tool which we plan to release this fall. Grand Theft Auto Online is a collaborative project between Rockstar and all GTA players worldwide, so expect that we’ll effectively be working on it together from day one. As a very small example, the Crew Hierarchies feature that was introduced a few weeks back on Social Club was a direct result of popular fan feedback from last year – and we’ll be looking at the GTA Online community’s feedback, input and ideas constantly to help inform how the game itself will grow and evolve. As mentioned last week, we’ll be looking closely at your feedback emails sent to [email protected] and in the GTA Online Suggestion Box board at the forthcoming Social Club Forums. We’re very much looking forward to welcoming you as active participants in the world of GTA Online starting tomorrow.
    The Character Creation System
    • The hereditary-based character creation system of Grand Theft Auto Online allows for a multitude of options to create your avatar that will then inhabit the online world of Los Santos & Blaine County.  Choose your gender then decide on your mother and father.  From there, you can choose to give one parent genetic dominance or leave them more evenly matched. The choice is yours. Next, you adjust a set of lifestyle variables which help determine your character’s appearance and starting stats. Decide how much sleep he/she gets, how much partying they indulge in, how much honest work versus illegal activity, and more. Essentially, you can adjust the genetics to wind up with a fresh faced lad or lass or a grizzled, haggard degenerate or anywhere in between! You’ll also be able to preview your end result in real time all throughout to ensure you’re satisfied before putting your character on a direct flight to LS. Of course, once you’re out and about in the open world, you can further customize your character with haircuts, clothing and accessories to suit your tastes.

    Finally, there's some exclusive content available for those of you who are Social Club members, which should be everyone by now. Read on for details on what you can get access to.


    • In Grand Theft Auto Online, Social Club members get access to weaponry and vehicular unlocks, a whole new suite of Crew features to represent and coordinate with your squad, and special tools to get the most out of Rockstar Jobs and user-created Jobs when the Content Creator tool launches this fall. Check out the updated www.rockstargames.com/V/socialclub for an overview of GTA Online Social Club features including new Crew customization possibilities like Crew colors and Emblem vehicle decals, Crew messaging options, and Open or Closed Crew Sessions. Plus unlocks like the Sawed-Off Shotgun, the Annis Elegy RH8 and the John Marston Parent option to do the Marston family proud in the modern day West. Also stay tuned for info later in October about the very first GTA Online Social Club Events which will have special Event Playlists curated by Rockstar, reserved in-game license plate awards for top players, and more. So, if you haven’t joined, we recommend doing so!
  15. IMG_0857.jpg


    It's that time of year again. The time just before Rockstar release one of their games, when they like to invite some very lucky webmasters out to New York City to play the game before it officially launches!


    Obviously I did not turn down my invitation, and like the previous times I decided to write a few words about my experience, so if you're interested you can read those here.


    Much of what we were able to play had already been talked about in recent previews, and of course you've all played GTA V now, so you're all familiar with the gameplay etc. As such, I've only commented on things I thought of off the top of my head, I'm not sure what else you guys might like to know. So feel free to use the forums to ask me any questions you have about GTA Online, and I'll do my best to answer them. I won't be posting any spoilers though so don't worry about that.

  16. Love the app! Great that it's doing so well.

    @Chris, If one pays to remove the ads how much of our 99c goes to you/development?

    Thanks. I get 70% of it. So roughly 69c. I don't ever push for sales of that though, the ads on the website covers all our costs (server being the main one, but also domains, and software licenses such as for this forum). I'd certainly never charge for the app, I believe basic information like cheats should be free to everyone, since they are on the internet, but at the end of the day I also need to make a living, hence why I decided to put ads in the app. I feel they're unobtrusive enough to not bother most people. And indeed the vast majority don't seem to be bothered, so that's great. The website and apps will be around for a very long time :)


    Awesome app :)


    I'm going to be using it, after I complete all the achievements I want. Damnit, I don't want R* disabling my achievements just because I used a cheat code, none the less. I've got the app on my phone :)


    @Rowie235 I'd guess it'd be used for him and his reward for making an awesome network community site (tgtap) and to help pay for any costs.

    I think you're safe to use them in your normal game. It only disables achievements for that particular session. You can just reload your game to continue as normal. I think autosave gets turned off if you enter a cheat, so it stops you from accidentally overwriting your save (not 100% sure of this though as I haven't been using cheats myself yet).

  17. If you're one of the millions of people who likes to use cheats in GTA games, perhaps just for fun, or perhaps to get ahead, then you've probably been impatiently waiting for cheats for GTA V to be discovered. A number of cheats were discovered on day one and we've been keeping our list up to date whenever new ones were found since then.


    The wait is now over for all cheats to be revealed. Thanks to some enterprising fellows using a variety of methods from trying old cheats from San Andreas, to using scripts on the game, we now have the final few cheats that were missing. You can see all of them, for both PS3 and Xbox 360, on our GTA V cheats page.


    If you're one of the millions of users of our GTA Cheats app for iOS and Android, you'll be pleased to know both these are up to date with the complete cheats listing for GTA V, please ensure you are using at least version 1.4 for iOS, or 1.4.2 for Android in order to see them. I'd also like to take this opportunity to give a huge thank you to everyone supporting us by using these apps. The iOS version in particular has been doing phenomenally well in the App Store rankings, and in the Top Free Charts has been consistently beating out the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Google, Skype, eBay, and more... something which I never believed could happen. It's safe to say that GTA V is truly a global sensation, helping all GTA-related websites and apps to become flooded with new users, and it's practically impossible to find anyone who hasn't heard of the game, even if they're not a gamer!



  18. Rockstar posted up a big article yesterday giving many more details about GTA Online. If you're sceptical about the game, or are just not sure about certain aspects of it, you should definitely read it. Below are excerpts of the main points Rockstar want to get across. First of all, some general details about it:

    • Grand Theft Auto Online is going to be something brand new for us: a fully realized and living world for multiple players that will continue to grow and take shape over time.
    • The ultimate shape of GTA Online will be determined as much by you, the player, as by the work we put in. What you like and don’t like, what you play and what you want will determine how the game develops and what it turns into.
    • Everything we do will be informed by feedback from you all – from the types of missions that roll out to all kinds of future content.
    • We are planning for a constant stream of new content, tweaks and updates in the weeks and months ahead.
    • The first couple of weeks we expect to be heavily focused on tuning the experience as it goes from internal testing to the reality of being played by tons of people in the real world so that all the usual teething problems for an online game are overcome. We hope it will all run incredibly smoothly, but please bear with us if it doesn't, and help us fix any and all problems!
    • After that, we will begin releasing content updates and giving you the opportunity to make your own content.

    Next up, Rockstar need everyone's feedback straight from day one, it's needed because they need to know what people think is good and what people think is bad about the game, allowing them to focus their efforts on giving the best experience to everyone.

    This is vital for the ongoing success of the game. The first few months of Grand Theft Auto Online will be critical as everyone enters this dynamic new world for the first time. Plenty of issues are bound to occur. Remember this interesting character?

    One thing we are already aware of, and are trying to alleviate as fast as we can, is the unanticipated additional pressure on the servers due to a significantly higher number of players than we were anticipating at this point – we are working around the clock to buy and add more servers, but this increased scale is only going to make the first few days even more temperamental than such things usually are. This is part of the problem some of you have been experiencing with the iFruit App and some Social Club services – we apologize in advance for this and thank you for your patience in this area.

    More than ever, we need your help to report your experiences, findings, likes, loves, dislikes and hates – and we will be looking at your feedback constantly to tune the game into its optimal shape and help guide how Grand Theft Auto Online will grow and evolve past this initial period. We will be checking out how people are playing and what they are not playing or not enjoying, while also monitoring feedback via two other new Rockstar channels:

    • [email protected]: This email address will be active from launch day as a place to send your input and feedback direct to us relating to the game.
    • GTA Online Forums at Social Club: At some point this fall after the initial release of GTA Online, we are planning to launch Social Club Forums where players can chat with one another about their online experiences as well as access a GTA Online Suggestion board to post about any suggested features, tweaks and changes you want to see.


    And details on what to expect from day one of the launch of GTA Online:

    From launch, up to 16 players can enter the world together to partake in everything from:

    • Open-World Crime and Chaos: Go on your own or round up your friends to explore the open world together – catch a movie, go mountain biking, hit the shooting range and much more. Want to test the law? Knock over a convenience store, take down a gang or rob an armored truck for easy cash and Reputation.
    • Jobs: Los Santos and Blaine County are ripe with opportunity for the ambitious and criminal minded. Take on Missions and an array of other Jobs as a lone wolf, team up with your Crew or join fellow mercenaries and degenerates to pull off a wide range of robberies and illicit activities together.
    • Races: Everything from classic street competition and off-road tracks to boat racing on the open ocean, or take to the skies in aerial events. Jump into the madness of a GTA Race, or try out a brand new race type, Rally, where driver and co-pilot work together to navigate treacherous courses at high speeds.
    • Sports: Join your friends / any random stranger for a game of tennis, a round of golf or go base jumping and more, all for cash and Reputation.
    • Customization: Create your character using the Character Creator – then earn some cash and spend it getting dressed for success. You can also collect and customize cars for your garage and personalize your full weapons cache.
    • Reputation and Cash Flow: Reputation is earned from all your online exploits in everything you do in GTA Online – and will help you rank up, providing access to new features, weapons and criminal contacts. Spend cash you’ve gained on cars, clothes, guns, properties and much more. You can either quickly accumulate cash through profitable activities like knocking over armored cars, winning street races, doing stick-ups or a host of other cash-making endeavors – or if you’re the completely instant gratification type, you can choose to buy denominations of GTA$. You will have the option to purchase GTA$ through the in-game Store. The game and its economy have been designed and balanced for the vast majority of players who will not buy extra cash. There is no in-game paywall and nothing that should disrupt the balance of the game. You don’t have to spend real money to attain the cars, guns, clothes, flash and style of a high-roller in Los Santos, but can if you wish to get them a little quicker. The economy is balanced differently from the single player economy, and cash earned in one cannot be taken over to the other. Most players will earn cash much faster Online than in Story Mode.
    • Growing Pains: There will be the typical growing pains for an online game, including but not limited to crashes, glitches, crazy bugs, gameplay modes and mechanics that need re-balancing and other surprises! Even in GTAV Story Mode, some of you may have seen a few odd and even amusing little glitches out there last week. This sort of thing is inevitable in a massive open-world game and there’ll surely be lots more unexpected oddities like this in the Online world next week – rest assured we’ll be monitoring and actively doing all we can to smooth such things out as they happen, but we need your help to find them, as well as your feedback to help fine tune all of the game's systems so everything is perfectly balanced.


    Finally, a few details on some content updates that are already planned:

    Here is a quick overview of a few initial things we’re working on for the first few weeks of Grand Theft Auto Online, alongside an aggressive period of tuning and finessing the game. We will give you dates for all of this content as soon as we have them – bear in mind that the order of things may well change, and we will probably add some extra stuff as well!

    • The Content Creator: The Content Creator will launch with tools to tailor and publish your own Deathmatches & Races.
    • The Beach Bum Pack: Featuring 4 new amazing beach fun vehicles, over 300 new items of incredible down tempo leisure wear and 2 new but not remotely relaxing weapons.
    • Capture the Flag: GTA Online’s take on the classic CTF mode including the ability to make your own using The Content Creator.
    • Heists: This update will introduce full-on cooperative Heist missions that will require careful planning, teamwork and sharp execution – along with the Heist Planning Board for your apartment.
    Just to be clear, all of these updates will be free. We’ll have more info on this and much more additional content as our plans develop through the launch period, and as we get feedback from you. Please stay tuned for further info and updates. And remember – we need your help to make this experience all it can be.


  19. Yeah, similar message in Chrome. Here's Google's report on why: http://safebrowsing.clients.google.com/safebrowsing/diagnostic?site=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.gtagaming.com%2F&client=googlechrome&hl=en-US

    What is the current listing status for www.gtagaming.com?

    Site is listed as suspicious - visiting this web site may harm your computer.
    Part of this site was listed for suspicious activity 3 time(s) over the past 90 days.

    What happened when Google visited this site?
    Of the 1247 pages we tested on the site over the past 90 days, 5 page(s) resulted in malicious software being downloaded and installed without user consent. The last time Google visited this site was on 2013-09-21, and the last time suspicious content was found on this site was on 2013-09-21.
    Malicious software includes 3 scripting exploit(s), 2 trojan(s).
    Malicious software is hosted on 6 domain(s), including caprichosdecasa.net/yvlacb.hopto.org/ianbrewerton.myzen.co.uk/.
    2 domain(s) appear to be functioning as intermediaries for distributing malware to visitors of this site, including caprichosdecasa.net/fiz.su/.
    This site was hosted on 1 network(s) including AS36351 (SOFTLAYER).

    Has this site acted as an intermediary resulting in further distribution of malware?

    Over the past 90 days, www.gtagaming.com appeared to function as an intermediary for the infection of 2 site(s) including edgenetwk.com/,enhosting.com/.

    Has this site hosted malware?

    Yes, this site has hosted malicious software over the past 90 days. It infected 7 domain(s), including edgenetwk.com/maxibest.ru.com/turismo-interior.com/.

    How did this happen?

    In some cases, third parties can add malicious code to legitimate sites, which would cause us to show the warning message.

    So, they either got hacked, or some ads they were displaying got replaced with malicious javascript code. Probably be fine to visit but perhaps best to stay off it until that message goes, just to be on the safe side.

  20. After news of GTAV's first day sales breaking $ 800 million, we all predicted that GTA V would be the quickest videogame in history to hit $ 1 billion in sales milestone. And it's gone and done just that in only three days!

    NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sep. 20, 2013-- Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. (NASDAQ: TTWO) today announced that Grand Theft Auto V, the critically acclaimed latest release from the iconic interactive entertainment series, has achieved worldwide retail sales of more than $1 billion during its first three days on sale, according to Company estimates. We believe this marks the fastest that any entertainment property, including video games* and feature films**, has reached this significant milestone.

    "Grand Theft Auto is a cultural phenomenon and Rockstar Games continues to redefine what can be achieved in interactive entertainment," said Strauss Zelnick, Chairman and CEO of Take-Two. "We are incredibly proud of the extraordinary critical and commercial response to Grand Theft Auto V."

    Source: Take Two PR

  21. I think you have to have done the mission/event to unlock it first. And yeah if I remember correctly it's X on PS3, A on 360. There'll be a hint popup in the top left corner telling you this. If you didn't see one then you probably didn't unlock it yet.

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