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    Funnest vehicle

    The Turismo. Just because I have NEVER lost a GTA Race Online in it. The fact that its a sexy looking car aswell adds to the fun. I really miss Push Bikes though
  2. d-Star


    Americas Next Top Hooker! Thought it was Genius.
  3. d-Star

    Whats missing that you wanted

    Car Customisation / Modding Planes More Choice of Clothes Barber / Tattoos Push Bikes (And the Bunny Hops ) Taxi Missions Cops on Bikes Less buildings to enter Buying Houses/Garages Going to the Gym and the Fat/Muscle Thing Add those and you have a Perfect Game.
  4. d-Star

    How to get the Blackhawk attack chopper

    I swear I've been past this spawn while doing a heli ride with Brucie, somewhere in Algonquin.
  5. d-Star

    Deconstruction for Beginners

    Thanks. Finished the mission and currently doing the Bank Job Mission
  6. The missions all nice and easy until you get to the last Boss, I normally drive a 4x4 Car around the site as I go to use as mobile cover, but to get to the last guy before he escapes on the chopper I need to get down a ladder, where I'm normally shot dead. So I tried killing everyone around the area before climbing down, and the man escapes. Any tips / tricks?
  7. d-Star

    PlayStation Network IDs

    decowns... add me if your up for a game Also looking for a good Clan/Gang. Message me through my PSN if your interested.