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  1. blindklb

    How good do you guys think GTA V will be?

    Man I really have high expectations for this game!!! I'm very interested to see how they incorporate the other city's into future games. Because if V is the biggest one yet as they say, and it's just LS then if they keep making the single city games..... I wonder if eventually they will make a huge new San Andreas. I'm thinking way too far ahead but it could probably happen! But from the trailer man I'm way too excited for this game. It probably won't even come out this year!
  2. blindklb


    I don't know where this topic would go or if its been made but I can't figure out how to date through that internet find love website. So if someone could explain how that works that would be great. Or tell me if you just cant do it. Ive beaten the game 100% and am looking for something new to do and this is all i could think of or find.
  3. blindklb


    I dont know if the rest of you have watched T.V. and i dont know if there is a topic for this yet but you should. I sat and watched it for about 40 minutes and i thought it was really funny. You can see comedy shows and there is a funny animated cartoon that is about red-neck buff guys in suits that i think look a little like master chief suits, and they wonder the universe to kill aliens. I dont know if im alone here but i think they are making fun of Halo a little bit. You can post your opinion on that here and any other general things about watching T.V. There are also short clips of Las Venturas when watching Venturas Poker Challenge. O and i dont know if anyone els has notice, but i realized that during a commercial that the designers or writers or whatever like John McCain in the presidential election. just somthing iv picked up and you will see if you watch all the T.V. stuff.
  4. blindklb

    PS3 Version Freezing

    I have an 80gb ps3 so i hope it dosent happen with me. Mabie it had something to do with the upload you have to do before you play, mabie it go messed up or dident finish or something. It seems that all over the world, the 60gb launch ps3 is the on mainly having the problem.
  5. blindklb

    just a quick question

    I wanted to know if there was any kind of split screen multiplayer. Weather it is like it was in san andreas or if it exists at all.
  6. blindklb

    LAZLOWS COMEBACK & finally Hip-Hop

    I think its great that there will be two rap stations, i wonder what will be on the clasic station, NWA, snoop, dr. dre, 2 pac, biggy, hope some of those are included. O and why dose he or anyone els have to respect you?
  7. blindklb

    GTA 4 without a Hard drive

    I dont know about that, all i remember is it sais that its updating the system or somthing like that.
  8. blindklb


    I can see how its funny but it sucks for me over here in california.
  9. blindklb

    Make a GTA 4 Multiplayer Clan!

    yea im in, o and ps3 all the way.
  10. blindklb

    GTA IV Rated “M For Mature” By ESRB

    i wonder what kind of partial nudity there will be, i thought that would be AO.
  11. blindklb

    First GTAIV Multiplayer Details Emerge!

    This is amazing, ive been wanting this forever. I cant fucking wait. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA One question though, do you think that it will have a split screen for just you and a friend at your house like if you dont have online, or will it be limited, or will it not exist at all? plz respond.
  12. blindklb

    I didn't like saints row at all...

    There is no question that gta 4 will be five times better because......well idk it just will. I think Rockstar puts more care into there games, the ficus on the little details as well as the big ones. I think thats the biggest difference.
  13. blindklb

    GTAIV boasts 100 hours of Gameplay

    i usually do the first two or three missions and then just explore and examine everything and try to steel a few cars and kill some people and stuff. I have only beet sa 100% none of the other games.
  14. blindklb

    EA Offers $2billion for Take Two

    I like some EA games, im a madden fan myself and i think call of duty 4 was EA but I don't think that they will help the series at all. I agree with what everyone els was saying, the franchise would be destroyed.
  15. blindklb

    Real cars in IV?

    I think the basic concept of the cars are based on real cars and I think they did somewhat copy the logo but just modified it a bit. I also think it would be cool if they took names from real cars and modified them a bit like te shitzu.