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  1. Stunts, flying and empire missions! Mostly stunts or I do the game again! (I completed Vice City three times)
  2. What's the one where u control that robot in the Mendez Mansion! It took me for ever to get the code! Domo Arigato Domestoboto
  3. I've been thinking is there anyway to mod GTA Vice City on PS2?
  4. There is 100, i got 85!! Curse you 15 packages!!
  5. Nice I thought there was more missions in GTA 3
  6. WoW! If I was the father I would chuck him in jail! LoL!
  7. I know they won't because the graphics are to good. The PS2 will probably explode! But I guess I have to save up like what L-RiC said!
  8. I really want GTA 4 but I don't have an Xbox 360 or PS3. I'm just hoping they bring it out for PS2! My cuz has it and the graphics are really good. I really like it when you crash and you fly out of the window screen!
  9. I TOTALLY agree with most of them things especially the pool thing! And the Rockstar!
  10. Billie Jean - Michael Jackson/Flash FM
  11. Hi I just joined and i love GTA. I think Vice City is da best.
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